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Invitation to Altitude Premier

by melmonica on October 14th, 2010


Imma do what all Nuffnangers do. I’m invited to the Nuffnang Exlcusive Screening of Altitude. Woots!

Abang Robb Chew sent me an email yesterday & I was beyond ecstatic!!

So, as far as I know, @Tealtoxic is going. He said he will wear his manga wig to the premier:) We would wanna reach out to the other Nuffnangers that are invited. Was thinking of doing dinner before going to the premier. So, if you happened to be invited, let’s plan out.

There will also be an Inniter’s gathering with dearest Nuffnanger @Sherry tentatively on next Friday night, also tentatively at the Curve. Looking forward to meet all you awesome bloggers. Cheers~

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  1. oh… i didn’t get it 🙁

  2. wah wife also get this invitation.. but me…no..huhu

  3. wow,.its great,.

  4. Simon: It’s okay, heard that by Friday they will send out the invitation. Crossing fingers for you. Do hope to see you:)

    Ahm: You can go with your wife as plus one ma.

  5. =( i’m in penang~

  6. ngtongsheng permalink

    Congrats!! wish i can goo too~

  7. congrats… unfortunately, i didn’t get the invitation…

  8. Glo: Drive down from Penang & hang out with us 😀 I’m driving down from Perak just for this event can you believe it??

    NTS: Aww, better luck!

    Vinnie: Don’t give up yet. There might be invitation that they haven’t sent yet. Keep your fingers crossed 😀

  9. hyehye.
    yes I am,u are bryan’s sister?oh god!the world is so small.

  10. The Curve… that’s close to where I live! 🙂

  11. Catty: Hi, yalor. The world is indeed small. Where are you now?

    Ihsan: Do join us! Btw, are you going for the premier?

  12. nice..congrats =D

  13. i didnt get also..

  14. Evelyn: Thanks dear!

    Carol: Don’t worry the invitation will be sent thru batches.

  15. congratz! hehe! 😀

  16. Yeah…. i got the invitation too…. see u there… on next tuesday…

  17. Sonny: Tenkiuuu!

    Hazman: See ya! Do join us for dinner if possible =D

  18. Congrates!!! ^u^ Enjoy your day!!

    Sad that I did not get invitation. Miss out again… T__T”

  19. erm?where is it ? and what time ?

  20. Carmen: They might have second batch of invitation.

    Carmen Lim: Umm, which one ya? The movie premier or our Innit gathering?

  21. then post ur review here


  22. congratulations~~

  23. hey there! enjoy the movie screening! 🙂
    I didn’t get invited

  24. Nice to meet you
    LOL.. u get the ticket .. awesome 🙂
    i didnt get it

  25. awww so niceee~
    i wish to attend nuffnang event too~
    have fun~ x)

  26. that sounds great! enjoy 🙂

  27. tealtoxic permalink

    sorry i didnt come.

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