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by melmonica on February 26th, 2012

Note: Updated a little on Poverty.


That’s my favourite past time. Imagining. No, seriously. I like to imagine. Imagine what does it feel like being someone else, doing something else like… I’ve always wondered what does it feels like to work in fast-food chain restaurant especially during the rush hour madness. Well, as I’m writing this I think I better put in point form to list down all the stuffs that I imagine of (and trust me… after this you’d see me as a cuckoo):P


1. Working in fast food restaurant.

Why give me that look? Not nice meh? I’ve always wondered why my parents never asked me to work in the local KFC when I was younger/ waiting for my examination result. And I know that there are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” thing going on and wish I had known.


2. Has muffin’s height

I am pretty tall myself (for a girl) standing at 1.7m but he is 1.86m tall and sometimes I just wonder what does he see be it angle wise, will i be able to take nicer photograph if I’m taller? Well, for a start I think it would be a HUGE advantage in concert 😀

I’m the type of person who learns by observation. I observe a lot. Like what people do, how people behave, why people behave like that – i try to put myself in their shoe (and brain) and try to understand where they are coming from. Maybe that’s also 1 of the reason why I’m not judgmental like that. People react to different reason, various situation and who knows if i’m in their position, I’d be like that too?


3. Living in poverty

I know it is a pretty weird thing to imagine but honestly, I think it is one of the many ways to count your blessing. Although i don’t have it all but I consider myself lucky to be living decently. And thru my observation, I reckon poor people are actually happier than many of us. 

When I was in Chiang Mai, the area is not as developed as… even Sitiawan (my kampung) but you can see they are very happy with their life. Even the night market makcik are super polite and friendly and when I ask them to keep the change (cos it’s 1 baht, what the heck can i do with that) and they will gratefully accept it like I’ve just given them 100 baht or something. That’s why I always have this warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I’m holidaying in Thailand. 

I also wonder what does it feels like to stay in wooden stilts house. What does it feels like waking up in the morning being them? I know when we wake up, we’d wish for that extra 10 minutes of sleep, dragging our ass to the shower and start the day. But if I live like them, maybe I’d wake up to chicken clucking around, chicken shit smell etc. I know it’s not fancy la but it’s different. 

<no pics cos when I google image it and all the pics just breaks my heart T____T>

And I reckon, people who were born with nothing at all are more successful than people who had it all. Well, I know this will cause a lot of debate because each of us has seen different success case etc. But so far from my observation, I have both dated guys who comes from a poor family and dated guys who don’t need to worry about money in life. And I gotta tell you, I actually enjoyed more being with the 1st guy cos he worked his butts off to put food on the plate so he appreciates every single thing that comes in life be it good or bad.

Whereas, the guy who is pretty well to do has no determination in life cos every thing just falls on his lap. Like I don’t have to worry about money cos I can always depends on my parents/ trust fund etc. And I don’t know lor… somehow kids from rich family are brats, spoilt I can go on but I’ve made my point (wtf quoting Sheldon in Season 1 Episode 1)

It is true that the rich gets richer, the poor becomes poorer but my point here is that although the rich kid has good education basic ie. go overseas study, got family biz to run (no need to susah payah find job) but still every thing is provided, not sien meh? Like… I’m sure people should have a burning desire to achieve something on his own but I don’t know… he’s just so pampered and spoilt.  okay enough bashing

And at this point of time, the guy (previously) with nothing is doing so well for himself. Way better than anyone I know and I’m very proud of him. Determination & hard work will bring you far. Even though you have it all, never ever take it for granted cos material stuffs can be taken away, 1 day it will go *poof* but skills, respect earned from people will stay with you for a very long time.

4. Being El2

El2 is Elwyn’s cat. I know… tak creative kan the nama? The first time I heard I”m like wth El2? HAHAHHAHAHAH. I’m just thinking… what does it feels like to be mindless, lazy, living a nothing to do life. 

On another thought, knowing myself, I’d be freakin’ bored to death. And maybe all rebellious and runaway just for fun.


I did an experiment, sitting on a chair with El2 and spin (more like slow twirl) as fast as I can and see whether she jumps off anot. 

Expectation: El2 jumps off like crazy, avoiding me at all cost.

Reality: I had to hold myself cos I felt dizzy to the point of almost puking -.-“


5. The very moment before you jump off the plane or bungee jump

Imagine standing there. Looking at the world before you. You’re standing at the edge of the world. At that point of time, what’s on your mind? Your job? The people who are waiting in line? Or how beautiful the world is. Because seriously, when it’s just between mother nature and you, whatever happens next albeit terrifying, we’d gotta learn to enjoy it. Let it go. Just let all your sorrow, worries go. 

<Pics credit to Jane Lee, my friend who I salute for her boldness. Hats off to you, babe!>

6. A rockstar

Okay, I have a confession. I kinda wanted to be a singer when I was young. More like a performer la. Be it actress, singer or dancer as long as I’m in the entertainment industry. Just imagine, you performing and your fans are screaming your name, singing to every song with you and to think that THEY ACTUALLY FREAKIN’ BOUGHT A TIX TO WATCH YOU PERFORM? How awesome is that! I bet the feelings is just so surreal. Nothing in the world can even compare to that feelings lor.


Have you guys ever imagine something like this about yourself? Or something more interesting than this. Do share!

Well, I think that’s about it I guess… It’s 130am and stupid muffin zai wants to bring me to gym tomolo at freakin’ 9am on a Sunday morning. Gahhhh! Goodnight peeps.


PS: After reading this, I hope y’all do not think that I’m such a freak. Eekkkk!




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  1. Imagination is endless! I sure want to try jumping off a plane!

  2. 1. Parents would kill me for doing that.
    2. Muffin’s height is awesome but I think I’m happy with mine at 1.74 or 1.75 😉
    3. Worth an experience! But am really glad to be living well.
    4. Pass.
    5. I WANT TO BUNJEE JUMP!!! Never done it before! But am afraid!
    6. Sounds awesome, but I can’t sing shit. 😛

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