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i’m leaving my fingerprints all over you

by melmonica on November 20th, 2008

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Hip hip hooray!! Exam’s finally over! Had mixed feelings about it cos I had a great time hanging out with friends, assignments was damn cunted (i love doing video) & I kinda feel sad that it didn’t end with a bang. My exam week was like hell literally. 5 papers in 4 consecutive days. Cisin de. Don’t know what the academic people were thinking when they arranged our schedule. The duration between 2nd last paper and last paper was 16 hours apart nia.

Neway, glad that it’s over. But still there’s so much stuffs to do like JLPT exam in 2 weeks time plus need to start searching for companies to do my practical & not forgetting Final Year Presentation. Sigh… still don’t know what topic.

Lotsa cool unexpected things happened after my exam. Like my ex-roomate (the one I had a huge fight with last semester) cooked for me & we made plans to meet at Singapore when I’m there. Had a really nice, long talk with her. Felt like good old days with awkwardness. But I appreciate her sincerity for cooking a nice simple meal for me:)

At night, baby had prepared a special meal for dinner. Wanted to makan while watching sunset but damn it rained. So no sun to set.

As soon as I came back, felt so lost cos all these while I’m occupied with assignments & stuffs but now when got nothing to do, feel tak senang pulak. So, me gatal tangan create a ringtone. Haiya, reali easy nia. Just open Adobe Audition find the songs you wana mix & walah, you have it. Told baby about it then he also hiao mau buat his own ringtone.

Great DJ

Baby said my ringtone sounds good cos it cannot be detected from 2 different parts.  But I think it’s really normal nia wor. Like something’s wrong with the beginning of the 30sec. Maybe if I cut 0.1 second then it’ll sound nicer but how am I gonna do that?? Cut 0.1 sec??? Later ask bee la. Maybe he knows? Neway, this few days free kan? I wana mix 2 different songs. If can do like Linkin Park’s Faint vs Britney Spears’ Toxic, it would be awesome. Kekeke.

Like I said earlier, baby also did ringtone. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

See which one you like it better?

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