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I’m 28 ahhhh

by melmonica on June 15th, 2014


Hi guys! I just celebrated birthday a couple of days ago. And it coincide with World Cup 2014.

Was supposed to go to Brazil to support Iker Casillas coz it might be his last WC >.<

Anyway, sayang organized a 2-days celebration for my bday 🙂


In the morning we had breakfast at Jagz café, Windsor. I had the most amazing and satisfying omelette here last year. Do enjoy some not-so-enticing pictures of our food.

My hot chocolate.

It looked totally different from the one I had last year. This time they reduced the amount of marshmallow on my hot choc. Taste wise, heavenly as always.


Sayang’s pancake. $14.90

Poor boy was sick since Sunday and he doesn’t wana take eggs. But y’know ang moh de breakfast right? It’s all about eggs. The next best thing (almost) without eggs are pancakes.


My omelette. $16.90

Honestly, it doesn’t taste as satisfying as I remembered. But then again, there are a number of factors that might contributed to the satisfaction last year. Like how I was a hungry backpacker thus any food placed in front of me will taste good.


After our very da heavy brunch, we went to do grocery. As promised, Ozias will do the cooking woohoo! I had the option of eating out but sayang’s cooking beats outside food anytime. I told him about my ‘likes’ and cravings and was expecting him to make hot pot for me. Techinically, hot pot isn’t exactly cooking but I was craving for it so I thought he’ll get the hint.

Then he told me he’s gonna cook western food cuz he seldom cook western food for me. So I immediately thought okay maybe it will be steak or something. Typical western food right? Then on Tues night I decided to ask him for the menu. And he explained that it’s a 4 course dinner – 2 entrees, 1 main, 1 soup and 1 dessert.

After shopping, we dropped the stuffs at home, tapau-ed KFC and headed to Oreti beach.

The beach is pretty deserted. Well, no person in his right mind will go to the beach to play. We parked right in front of the sun and enjoyed the quiet embrace.

The magnificent sunset. I kept sighing at its beauty. Braced the cold to take pics of this couple walking on the beach with their dog.

Back home, the boy scrambled to prepare my dins! This is him getting all agitated coz the supermarket staffs did not de-bone and de-skin the salmon. And we paid a freakin’ $26/kg.


After shower, I was prepared for my first course.

5 roses of salmon sashimi.

Oh gawd this taste so good! The soft sashimi melt in your mouth. I like mixing it with wasabi for the kick. After 3rd rose I was kinda full already but our motto is never waste food wtf.

Salmon and avocado salada.

This was really good as well. Sayang so smart mix the wasabi with mayo for a little tinge of kick. Salmon and avocado are my fav food so obviously I was going to enjoy this. Until I got a little jelak >.< And to think that we have 3 more courses to go, it kinda demotivate me a little.

Salmon + Broccoli baked rice.

Come I show you the picture before it went into the oven.

So sinful right? Sigh, goodbye 2 weeks of effort. I have trained my body to eat smaller portion (60% full) and this is more than what my body can take. Ozias kept pacifying me by saying your birthday mah… don’t think too much. Just eat. Well, the reason why I kept eating is because I don’t want to waste food (and his effort)

At this point, we were too stuffed already. Didn’t really finish this also. Cheese + rice is too much for me. Next time sayang, portion control ya. Muacks.


After that we just sat and waited till 12 midnight wtf. Too full to move, too full to do anything. And I was kinda tired from all the eating. When the clock struck 12, he brought out my cheesecake.

Lemon and Lime Swirl Cheesecake. About $25.

The sad thing about celebrating your birthday in a desolate place is your birthday cake is not freshly made. It’s frozen. I KNOW!!! I’ve never seen a frozen birthday cake, let alone eat it!! It’s not Ozias’ fault for this. He searched high and low for freshly baked cheesecake and there is none. Y’know even the supermarket sells frozen cake. The bakery here do not do order-to-go. Le sigh.

Anyway, I had a very tiny piece of cake only. Really bummed that my Projek Jaga Badan effort has gone down the drain.

Ended the night with a bottle of Moscato. Super love this! Its sweet, crisp taste is the perfect ending to a sumptuous meal.

The next day, we woke up early for a day trip to Dunedin!

Sayang was still sick so I took over the wheels. Felt kinda scared to be driving coz the speed limit here is 100km/h on a motorway (highway) and 50km/h in the town. Yeah, every town that you pass by you have to slow down to 50km/h. To me that is a pretty difficult to do since I drive like a sakai in Malaysia hahaha.

Our first stop is this dimsum place called The Golden Harvest restaurant.

I’ve actually lowered my expectation but they still managed to disappoint me wtf.

Disgusting custard bun and prawn dumpling.

We ordered 9 dishes and the bill came to a total of $55. So wasted considering it is all frozen and not freshly made. If frozen I also can buy them from the Asian store and steam them myself la aih.


After that we walked our fats off doing girls’ fav exercise – shopping! Bought slutty panties and some long sleeves top from Cotton On. No picture of my loot coz it’s for Ozias’ viewing pleasure wtf.


Our day in Dunedin is so productive. Had bubble milk tea (original of course) from Chopstick 101.

That is not our car.

Bought gigantic onigiri for only $3.50.

Stock up on Asian food and visited the art gallery. This is a Lego exhibition.

The hubs trying to continue someone’s creation.

Walked up to Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world.

Attempting a selfie. Take 1. Super blur.

Take 2. Cannot see leg wtf.

Take 3. Perfecto!


I was ready to go home but Ozias’ want to have dinner in Dunedin. So we went back to Chopstick 101 coz the restaurant looks pretty promising.

Sayang de fish tofu rice with gravy for $12.

My spicy beef hotpot for $16.

OMG this is the bomb! I almost forgotten how authentic spicy food taste so good. The best thing about this dish is they use the chili flakes from chili pan mee. A surefire to spicy-dom wtf. Ideally, this dish is for 2 person to share but we have no portion control wtf. Once again, we ended the night with a very buncit tummy.

We sadly left Dunedin at 7.40pm and arrived home 3 hours later. I enjoyed myself really much and I missed being surrounded by stylish young people. There’s so much to do and eat (Korean and Japanese restaurant at every corner of the street) a day trip is really not enough. Perhaps many months later, sayang?

I am really thankful to be celebrating my birthday with my sayang. Being with him is the highlight of my birthday, it’s the icing on the cake. I’m already thinking of ideas to celebrate his birthday. I gotta do something that’s equally special and meaningful to him. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything OTT this year coz I’m kinda broke haha. But 2 years later sayang you have a surprise coming up. You better be prepared ya!




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