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If only we had Breakfast at Tifanny’s

by melmonica on September 6th, 2010

Generally, anniversary or any kind of celebration, is the time to lavish your loved ones with gifts and spend on overpriced, crappy food (think all the posh restaurants). SO not my kinda thing! So this year, for a change, we went for a picnic! And it’s one of the sweetest, most memorable and affordable (under RM50!!!) celebration ever!

Thus, here’s a guide to one of the most romantic breakfast I have with my dearest boyfriend.

Step 1: Find a lovely park with breath-taking view and spread a mat or in this case an IKEA blanket.

Step 2: Buy the necessary ingredients that you want your sandwich to taste. We had tuna, egg and bak kua. Ok, the word bak kua sounded so tak romantic haha!

Our picnic siap dengan bakul and glasses sumore okay! πŸ˜€

Step 3: For healthy side dish, prepare a salad or if you’re lazy like us for simplicity, buy grapes to feed your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The sandwich which the boyfriend woke up 6am (on a Saturday!) to prepare.

Step 4: For girls, do-up your hair in sexy/messy/just had a great sex hairdo.

Totally love it but no, I didn’t cut my hair though I can’t wait to.

And love my arms too for looking so anorexic

Step 5: Don’t forget the glasses to toast on your anniversary!

Well, the picnic was very relaxing. No pressure and awkward moment. So nice to be in the arms of one another and look at the sky.

Step 6: For guys, since your girlfriend took the time to pang leng leng on this occasion, you do the honour and pop the champagne.

Pop goes the weasel~

Step 7: Take amazing shots of pouring the sparkling juice.


Step 8: Toast!

To Arthur wtf

Step 9: Enjoy the love-filled food! TQ baby <3

Step 10: Golek-golek/ enjoy each other’s company or do something relaxing e.g. reading

Step 11: Bring a pillow just in case if you wana take a nap.

Step 12: Get the cutest desert in town. Doesn’t matter if it taste yucky.

Lucky for us, they taste so good.

Step 13: Camwhore to the max. If not you will regret 10 years down the road and got no pictures toΒ post up in Facebook show to your kids about your wonderful love life.

Sigh, we have so few nice pictures together cos we were freakin’ using a tripod wtf. How I wish got personal photographer FOL!!!

After breakfast we proceed to do a series of failed lame & drunken pictures which I will blog at another time.

Till then πŸ˜‰

PS: What stupid guide that has 13 hanging steps only wtf.

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  1. Thumb up! what a different way to celebrate anniversary! keep up the good job!!

  2. Kah Arng permalink

    Nice blog and nice photos~ πŸ˜€ I like it! πŸ˜€

  3. nice photos πŸ™‚

  4. is Lovely couple…..
    wish u both live happily ever after =)
    where is this gorgeous place??

  5. TS: Thank you!
    Kah Arng: Glad that you like it πŸ™‚
    Pei: This gorgeous place is at Marina Island, Perak.

  6. so cute and sweet! =)

  7. Picnic, sweet sweet LOVE!

  8. Vivi: Thank you so much!
    San: Thanks!!
    Jessy: Aww, thank you! <3

  9. 0.0… nice pics… nice tips… finally, something to teach my dad XD…

  10. nice πŸ˜€

  11. Jaerragus: Why not apply it on yourself πŸ˜‰
    Joeanney: Thanks darling! <3

  12. I thought those scene are from which movie…hehe

  13. Ronnie!!!
    Lolz, thanks though how I wish got more pictures from different angle T__T

  14. wow nice post indeed =) have a great day to you anyways peace*

  15. Wow, that’s really nice.. =).. Great day u have there

  16. Kian Fai: Thanks! You too have a great day!
    JLean: Luckily it didn’t rain in the morning. Heee~

  17. Nice photos eh! πŸ˜€

  18. nice photo indeed sweet picnic there! =))

  19. The “red” color blanket is not a good choice here I guess.

    Red, blue and yellow are so called the primary colours. When you had “red” as background, with “blue” (Mel’s shirt) and “brown” (TS’s shirt) as foreground, the object (obviously both of you) just don’t stand out from the picture.

    To be more specific, lets see picture above the line “Step 8: Toast!”. The background is “red” and your shirt the “foreground” is blue. So brain draws EQUAL attention to the blue shirt and the red blanket, so the object (yourself) is not “OUTstanding”. In another word, there are two focuses (as in blue shirt and red blanket) here.

    Same theory applies to photo above step 10 & 11.

    Another example is in picture above step 13. When people first look at the photo, most people will draw attention to the blue (as it is primary color) and but not the brown (non primary color). Even IF people at first drawing attention to TS, but he was looking at Mel (as his eyes and body towards Mel), the attention shifted immediately to Mel and will never go back to TS again.

    Well, this photo truly portrayed how deep is his love to Melissa. Tong Sheng is seriously a nice hubby that willing to give every each attention to his beloved Melissa! Everything is about Mel!

    Happy anniversary!

  20. Ohh, this so sweet..! Thank you for sharing this lovely post..! I’ll be sure to drag my partner to have a picnic of our own.

    I love how sharp your photos are. Esp when you managed to capture the movement of that lovely blue liquid.

    Kudos to you..!

  21. Omg congrats there ! and really awesome pictures you have there !!!

  22. omg… romantic. I’ve always wanted to do this with my bf…picnic! >_< But I doubt there's any nice location in KL. Even if there is…there will be like 2893459874 humans there. lol

  23. OMG u just gave me an idea, to bring my bf for a picnic!! hehe. awesome pictures by the way! πŸ™‚

  24. awww..this is so sweet..btw, you guys look kinda alike..

  25. Khaiven: Aww… thanks =) Haha. We get that all the time.

  26. wow … nice n romantic … ( look abit hot though ) . wait me get a DSLR , then i can learn 2 b ur photographer too …

  27. such a great way to celebrate anniversary!!! where is it btw?

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