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i smile like a dumbass

by melmonica on March 3rd, 2009

Currently Listening to: Superstar by Sonic Youth on iTunes countless times

Today is one of the happiest day of my life:) You know why? No reason. Just feel so happy.

Although I was a bit cranky this morning (watdoyaexpect? woke up at 0630 to wash clothes) Then, study for my SAAD quiz/facebook/check mail/ Just the typical stuffs I do daily.

Anyway, today is my last SAAD lecture (sob) Although it’s just a minor class but it is the most enjoyable class this sem. Every sem I have 1 fave subj & it is usually Miss Rahida’s class. And SAAD ada sama taraf dengan Miss Rahida’s class. Won’t mengantuk one.

Last lecture got quiz sumore zzz. But an open book quiz plus can discuss with friends sumore (cool leh my lecturer) Junior take note: If Mr Soffri’s class is offered, GO AHEAD & GRAB IT. Gurantee you can understand his subj (no matter how tough it is)

I’m a bit bummed that we finish the class 6 weeks early. Not the lecturer lazy arh… is already finish syllabus. And I’m so excited about the coming presentation. Though present in front of him nia need to do website zzz

Gosh, I’m very very happy today. Am in a good mood (such a rare case. blame on tonnes of assignments)


This is my current fave song. Darling says I like to listen to drug addict like singers zzz.

Anyway, thank you god for making my dream come true & making my semester worth studying;)

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