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How to Apply NZ Working Holiday (For Malaysians)

by melmonica on January 20th, 2013


Hola! How are you people doing? I had a great weekend. Saturday was spent dating with myself wtf and Sunday was well-utilized with my Malaysian friends cooking, eating, baking, eating. Oh my lord! Perutku buncit!! Hahaha!

I’m currently in my 6th month here and I absolutely loving it!

So jeng jeng. If you wana have fun like me in New Zealand, you can do so REAL SOON!

Application will be opened on the 22nd January 2013 (Tuesday), 10am NZ/ 5am MY time. Remember the time and date!! Set your alarm!!! Be the first to apply!!! (That was me la one year ago :X)

Nah nah… here’s the link. Currently it’s not working la since it’s not opened yet. Wait till Tuesday!!! Gancheong anot!!


OKOK what do you need when applying for a spot online.


1. Your passport

Please ensure the validity is about 2 years liddat. the longer, the better.

2. Mastercard/ Visa credit card.

I’m not sure if debit card can be used anot but according to the link, it stated credit card wor. So just use credit card la. Better be safe than sorry. You do want that spot, don’t you?



That’s all! So easy kan? No need to queue up, no need to present whatever certificate bla bla. And within 1 week your application will be approved (granted your credit card is valid and you apply before the quota is up)

If you have any doubts or questions or require further information, can just go to their FAQ page here.


Tips on the application.

1. Be early.

Last year the 1,150 spots were quickly filled within 48 hours. Me being kiasu, woke up at 5am to do it.


2. Get your documents ready.

Meaning your passport & credit card details lor.


How do you know if you have been granted a visa?

NZ immigration will send you an email to convey the good news!!! So make sure your email is working la ha. And do check the spam folder once in a while. Mana tau it is sent there.


What to do when you’re granted the working holiday visa?

Tell all your friends and family!!! LOL. Friggin’ get your flight tickets!! I used skyscanner to look for cheap flight. Last time I flew via AirAsia to Sydney first. I was there for 10 days then flew to Christchurch with Jetstar.


When is the best time to go to NZ?

Actually anytime that you desire lor. If you want to experience winter, then come during winter lor. But from my experience thus far, this is what I can share:-


Summer (Dec – Feb): There are tonnes of jobs everywhere. Also weather is like Malaysian weather minus the humidity.

Autumn (March – May): During this season also got a lot of jobs around. Though I haven’t experienced this particular season but from what I heard, the scenery is fucking lomantik.

Winter (June – August): Limited jobs available. If you decided to go to NZ during this period (like me) best is to head to Blenheim and work in the vineyards. Alternatively, you could woof to save on accommodation.

Spring (Sept – Nov): More jobs available during this period i.e. jobs in kiwi orchard is available.


How much to bring/pack to NZ? (For girls)

Well, it depends on which season you’re here. I came during winter so i brought all the winter shit that is so fucking heavy. But it’s necessary la. I hate the cold anyway so i wore layers like mad. Winter in NZ can be pretty horrible considering NZ is in the southern hemisphere so it’s colder la.

Casual clothes – just bring 3-5 tees. When you’re in NZ, you’ll see people donating their clothes everywhere and you can get pretty nice 2nd hand clothes.

Other stuffs that is optional to bring is sleeping bag. The bf said that you can get it for as low as NZD$6 at Warehouse.

Camping stuffs is pretty affordable here also when there are sales. And I think the sales season is quite frequent cos all the Malaysians that I met here bought their stuffs at Kathmandu which I think is not cheap lor but they say got sales ma.

So don’t worry about not bringing enough. The lesser you bring, the better. It will save your life when you travel. Always remember. You’re a backpacker, not a luxurious traveler. 

Oh, if you have a cooler/ chiller bag in Malaysia, bring it!! It’s good for you to pack all your food stuffs when you travel. I have one from NZ Natural ice cream but the kawan didn’t ask me to bring for whatever stupid reason that only he can think of *pissed*


Is it better to get a job prior coming to NZ?

Hello. You are in an adventure of a lifetime. You have taken the first step to leave your comfort zone. So my advise is, do whatever you want (whether to get a job first or not) But usually, they would require to be in that place for you to secure the job. No chup chup 1 ok. It’s first come, first served.


My advise to you is to take the risk. Go with the uncertainty. Though it may be scary to not know what’s next, but think of it in another point of view. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Wouldn’t being spontaneous fun? Don’t be afraid if you don’t have a plan. Shake up! Do something different. Do something out of your comfort zone. It is wayyyy more exciting when things happen unexpectedly.

Trust your instinct. Trust your gut. Do what makes you happy. Put yourself first. You only have yourself to take care of 🙂

Always stay positive. Always believe that things will turn out better than expected. If things didn’t work out, don’t stress yourself out. Believe that the universe has planned greater things for you.

I believe in karma thus always be nice to everyone. Don’t be nice for a reason la. Be nice generally. Anyway, the NZ atmosphere will automatically make you nice la. Haha.

NZ is freakin’ small i tell you. Smaller than KL one. Everyone knows everyone. So behave. You may never know when you will bump into the same person again.

Best of all, just enjoy. The beauty of learning something new every day. The beauty of living in a dreamland. The beauty of meeting people all over the world, from all walks of life in a country.

I gotta end here jor. Need to wake up at 4.45am for work tomorrow. Eekkk! If you have any questions, just write them down in the comments section and i’ll try my best to answer 😀


Good luck my fellow Malaysians <3




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  1. kheng permalink

    Hi There!
    Is it better to find a place to stay here first or whn I reach NZ only?

    • If you’re going there solo, then I recommend you to research on the place where you could stay. You could visit this site to check out the places for the price and area.

  2. I’m gonna apply I’m gonna apply I’m gonna apply! My second plan if I cannot get the scholarship.

  3. when are you coming back!!! haha

  4. Thanks for the sharing especially on the part on how to apply. I already check the date and set my alarm earlier, but i just wondering how much do I need to pay during the application.

    • I couldn’t remember the exact amount plus currency exchange is different from time to time but if i’m not mistaken it is about RM300-RM400.

  5. ohmy i wish i read this maybe like 1 year ago before i started to work. now it’s all too late. TT


  7. Cindy permalink

    Can i check what kind of jobs i can search for? any special agency? or probably any website for reference?

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