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History was created

by melmonica on October 30th, 2008

Listening to: Hot by Avril Lavigne on

Totally not in the mood to listen to this song but it was played randomly.

Neway, lotsa stuffs happened this few days. Let’s start chronologically:))


Watched Hellboy 2 blek till 1am with baby & freakin’ out on tomorrow’s presentation


Woke up duper early for class on study week. Totally cannot concentrate cos my mind was on afternoon presentation!!

12noon++: Alvin & I was like trying to think of strategy how to present. & I was doubting if we could ever be the best group cos heard that HE20’s corporate video is damn cun. I was not doubting our video. Just that… the more I watch our video, the more lame I think it is…

On the way walking towards class… saw HE20 & HE22 students wearing their shirt. I was like wtmofo they copied us!! Everyone knew HE21 was going to wear our t-shirt specially made for this Multimedia assignment. And as the t-shirt state “We lead, Others follow”. Imitation is the best compliment.

See… HE22 on the left & HE20 on the right.. totally copied us zzz

One of the reason why I was so tensed up for this presentation is bcos lots of people came to support us & I don’t want to disappoint them with my deteriorating presentation performance. It’s getting worse faster than you can say “Marketing”. Neway, here is a pic of Elias, Grace & Kuan Han who came to support us;)

Me watching the video for one last time to menaikkan my HE21 semangat

Unfortunately, there is no pics of me presenting darn but most importantly, WE KICKED ASS!!!

HE19 presented 1st then HE20 & us. Wow, HE20’s animation is great compared to ours. Memang bagus ahh. What’s donk in their video is that they criticize International Marketing. I wonder how much of professionalism they want to portray in their corporate video. A lot kan?

Neway, ours is like the ultimate best. Even Mr Muzaffar was surprised that minor students can do that well. And he was smiling when I met him after the presentation. He congratulated us for a great job & I’m really proud of my team:))

It was an unforgettable day. History was created. We came, we saw & we conquered the video presentation. Finally, we got the best team again!!! Unfortunately, we didn’t get full score. Got only 4.5/5. Sigh, if not can break record of getting full marks in two minor major assignment. Me & Loong the donkey wana make a record of getting the best group of every minor subject haha. But we can’t do it with Business Model E-Commerce cos we’re not in the same group. But still, I managed to get the highest score for my website in this subj. Ahak… 3 subjects highest score for assignment:P

The only pic taken with Loong da donkey & got amoi dekat belakang spoil our pics.

The first half of Team HE21

Comel kan 小Lai?

Priceless memory of the day
* Pictures courtesy of Elias Phunk

PS: Watch this to find out why we are the best;)

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