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History in the making

by melmonica on March 30th, 2009

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Yo yo, I’m in such a good mood today cuz…


I woke up early today

Gave my hugs & kisses in facebook

Btw, not forgetting.. HAPPY BDAY YOAAA GIRRRRL!!!!!!!

I’m so excited!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to get dress for presentation

A girl gotta look good to make a lasting impression

Love you my baby boo

I cannot wait for your final year presentation!

Baby uses Adobe Flex in his Dynamic Portfolio project. It is something new to SSIL as it is not taught in school & word is… it may be added in the future syllabus bcos of his presentation ha!

For those who are interested to see the start of a new revolution in SSIL, you are invited to Tong Sheng’s presentation next Monday (6 April 2009) at 12.10 noon at Mac lab.

So, here’s a lil taste of what Adobe Flex looks like

Baby’s web is going to look like the above with an additional taste of iPhone application. Heheh.. curious?

Come watch his presentation:))

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