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hello melissa zai

by melmonica on April 14th, 2009

Greetings~ I am Melissa zai. I have chopped off my hair and to go well with my new hairstyle, I changed my gender into ‘ah boy’ zzz.

Neway, after months of thinking, surveying, researching, finally I cut my hair, pixie style.. but some people say I look old, some people say I look like a lecturer huhuhu dat’s not the reaction i expected

So, let the pictures do the talking:))

Before entering salon, wana cut this style de

But baby says the reason the hair looks nice cos it’s blond. Just imagine if it’s black, look normal nia.

So I went from this

& this one

Cut fringe d:'(:'(:'(:'(

Short deee!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, tadaa

& tadaa again:)

So freakin’ damn short kan.. I don’t remember cutting my hair this short. Well, been meaning to do so & finally, after months of collecting guts.. me marching into the salon, ask da hairdresser cut like the style in magazine (pic unavailable). At first the hairdresser don’t dare to cut dat short. After reassuring him that I would not cry & that I am comfortable with a shorter do, den he chopped off uwaaaaa

You know.. I was being brave & all that before he started his magic on my hair. When he cut my back hair like a boy, I was still ok with it.. but when he wanted to start cutting my fringe, I closed my eyes. When I opened, gosh… the first thing I said was, “OMFG, see la.. wana cut short sumore”:'(:'(:'( Reminds me of ANTM with all those models complaining during the makeover session pah!

But now I’m getting used to this short do. Excess baggage gone. Feel more free spirited. More fun & for the 1st time in my life I bought a hair wax. WOW. I know i very de kampung in this kinda stuffs zzz.

The reactions I got from today:-

Sophia, Rachel & Jessica: Nice nice.. Come let’s go cut like that too (but their face expression doesn’t seem so real wor huhu)

Zi Quan: Wow, Mel… (laugh laugh) Quite nice. Better than.. you know who la *wink* But leh… you look like Dr Magdalene wor uwaaaaaaa

Elias: WHAT THE…… FISHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! FFFFFISSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Is this real??(pulling my hair sumore T_T) ouch

Soo Ai: (shouting from her kitchen balcony sumore zz) Melissa Newton!! Eh, where’s your hair arrh? Who ask you so hiau?? Aiyah, I shouldnt have told you the name of da salon la. See la you cut your hair dee uwaaaa

And so I’ve stolen Kah Lin’s helmet. Cos last time she got the helmet hair. Now it belongs to me T_T. CKL said I looked young zzz

Neway, me tomolo go photoshooting trip with them with no hair. My family suddenly got 4 sons liao. WOW.

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  1. nice hair babe…^^ cnt pull ur hair le…

  2. still cn… yday elias jz pulled my hair huhu:'(

  3. chelchel permalink

    mel,u still look beautiful with ur short hair d..its just too short only..but its still ok sis..(:

  4. prathaban permalink

    not bad lah… i asked some of my gal frens here to cut pixie cut too… but they r not daring enuff. hehehe… way to go, n u dun look like a guy… duh!!

  5. thanx rachel=)

    hey bra.. hehe^^ i really like my hairstyle… just that i need to revamp my wardrobe to suit it.. i need more colourful clothes. have too many blacks dee
    btw, miss you bra.. i’m going back on 8th may. hope to see you before i head down to kl for my practical!!

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