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by melmonica on March 28th, 2009

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I got a happy announcement to make


WOOHOO!!! Congrats to the new couple hehehe

Actually, Elias told me about this great news on Wednesday but I didn’t quite believe it until there’s solid prove and evidence that they are together. Then next day when I can finally online in my room (hello streamyx sux) and saw Alvin’s skype picture & I immediately went “OMG!!OMG!OMG!OMG!!!OMGGGGG!!!” Even my roomies thought something happened bla bla but I’m so freakin’ happy for them!!!!!!!!!

Immediately went & congratulate Alvin

Went to town with Kuan Han, baby & friends and I went all TINKTINKTINK again & told them about the happy news heheh

Kuan Han immediately called Alvin & congratulate him & wana celebrate with dinner & drinks hahah.

It’s like the biggest news of all. It’s like.. it’s like… I couldn’t even think of any celebrity couple news to compare with.

Neway, this news really put me in a good mood that I wake up early next day to TINKTINKTINK at yokechin’s room hahaha. When it comes to good news, I have the biggest mouth in the world. lu mau kasi spread good news cakap saja sama gue. But only good news ha. itu gossip atau news yang memalukan orang lain gue atau rahsia gue tidak sama sekali pigi spread spread zzz.

Since I’m so happy for Alvin&Ming imma gonna say something nice to my other half as well heheh

sayang, sayang… i understand that now is your critical moment. & i understand that you have a few batangs always being by your side. & you have invited your new boyfriend to stay with you during practical zzz.

i promised not to throw tantrum at you (like i always do.. sorry) & i promised not to get jealous of you & your boyfriend being lovey dovey, whispering sweet nothings in front of me (okay, i made that up heheh)

no matter what happens in the future, which country we will be in years to come, what we do for a living & how our future kids will look like

when we were 12

I will still love you<3

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