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Happy Birthday Joash!

by melmonica on October 12th, 2010

Written in memory of Joash Wee.

Update: Click for the full story. Fuck the driver.

I first heard of him in 2007 when he commented on baby’s picture in Friendster or something. That time I curi go check him out and added him as a friend.

Back then, I thought of adding him in Facebook but thinking that it wasn’t appropriate since we actually do not know each other at all and don’t want to be labeled as a stalker. Years later, I recently heard of him again during an outing with baby’s friends in Muar. I didn’t understand much Chinese but judging from the intonation, it seemed like something really bad happened.

Went back home, talked to baby about it & found out that he passed away… He and his family members died in an acciden. I was shocked. Speechless. All sorts of emotion went through my mind. Angry. Sad. Disbelief. He was almost 23. Why did God has to take him away so soon? During the years of checking him out in Friendster, I did have the thoughts of meeting him up but didn’t convey my wishes to baby.

It was pretty late that time so baby went to bed while I was still awaked, thinking of the incident.  Facebook via mobile to see if it was really true & yes, indeed. He has left the world & read through the messages that his friends posted on the wall made me weep.

It was such a strange situation crying for the one that you’ve never seen nor talked to before. While I was crying, this song was playing in my playlist. So I dedicate this to you Joash Wee. Happy birthday. It’s been 3 months since you left the world, still all your loved one miss you dearly. Rest in peace & have fun rocking in heaven 🙂

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  1. RIP to his soul. may he be with those close to God.

  2. if not mistaken he just graduated and came back from Australia not long… saw the funeral ceremony from far….
    but this happened for quite some time already

  3. hi melmonica.haha,i am not cheeserland lookalike le.ahhaha.. em, i went to snow mountain in Melbourne ma.and took a lot of pictures.. and i love snow too=] ..hehe..

  4. Teh Tarik: He may be just smilling down upon us.

    Ronnie: You also know about this news? Yeah, it happened for quite some time already but few days ago was his birthday so I took the time to think about him.

    Karmun: Lucky you to have the chance to play with snow. Weee~

  5. so saddddd

  6. ah…ur very empathic like me. it’s okay to feel because we cherish even those lives that we do not see. but cause we know the rice of a life is invaluable.

  7. condolence..

  8. so be appreaciate everything and every person… so now go tell the person u love.. I LOVE YOU… dont regret when too late…

  9. It’s a sad case. May him rest in peace.

  10. peace be upon him

  11. Glo: Yeah, writing this post makes me think more of him actually. Sighh

    Soulesscloudy: Yes, will count my blessing from now on 😉

    Evelyn, Alien, Shukri: I just got the full news & it’s even sadder =(

  12. my condolences… stay strong!

  13. Dropping by ere. =).

  14. RIP..the gud die young, i guess.

  15. T___T” dislike news like that.
    I’ve an ex-classmate just passed away last week. *soft cries* Makes me really sad. This makes me think of him again..

    RIP & Happy Birthday Joash!!

  16. JL: Thanks for visiting!

    Philip: Yes, sadly that’s how the world goes.

    Bendan: Sorry for your ex-classmate as well. Stay strong ya.

  17. that’s tragic, five in a family just go like that.

  18. Thomas: Exactly, it was a very sad thing indeed.

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