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Happy Birthday E Yong Joo!

by melmonica on November 29th, 2010

Sorry, this year couldn’t give you a failed surprise birthday to laugh. Well, to make it up to you, I took the liberty of finding all our pictures that never got publish and write a whole long  post for you! 

Lo and behold, the transformation of E from 2006-2010 

Oops, do I smell trouble here? 

Once a upon a time, we met at the pearl island of Borneo. One of the subject we took was Marketing and E was assigned to look for products. 


We became best friends ever since and also my group member in Japs class. We always had the funniest group presentation (how can we not especially with Ming around) 


This was taken cos of… one of our friend got warning from our Japs lecturer which we find it rather hilarious*so bad 


In one particular sem, Fujishima sensei asked 学生 (students) to pick a historical place/restaurant/any kind of activities to conduct study trip. And our group, pandai-pandai go and choose his house and the itinerary planned was to go to wet market and clean cook in his house.   

It was an eye-opening experience also la cos that was my first time to a wet market in Labuan and 先生 (lecturer) cooked us some yummy Japanese dishes! 

As you can see, 先生 would take pictures of food for 15 minutes and we… camwhore in the background wtf. 


This picture was taken when the whole gang went to Kota Kinabalu. One of our friends has a Hilux so the boys hopped onto the back, under the scorching sun. 


Mode testing 1,2,3 


Then we (and some other smart ass) got chosen to go to Taiwan. Visited some awesome SMEs like Charmy! And ate sumore awesomeness ice. 

Just found out that you can try their snow ice at 100 Yen, SS2

In Kuching also got! But it is called iGloo which I tried with Emmanuel when I was in Sarawak for Gawai. The portion there is smaller and cheaper compared to the one in Taiwan. 


Don’t know why we kept having beef noodles instead of street food *haiz 


At some famous street selling lots of quirky things. Kononnya wana save money, so I didn’t buy anything there. On the last day we went to Taipei 101 but the stuffs there were exxy so the only thing I bought myself was a RM70 umbrella from a mall nearby wtf. 


Then we saw these group of girls in costumes sitting in the middle of the street. They looked really scary and nearby there was this group kinda like protesting or something in Chinese and later we found out that they were actually promoting a new movie together with the ghoulish girls. 


Stress prior to finals, you say? Head out and don cute farmer hat. 


Fast forward to 2009 and we celebrated my birthday in Fullhouse bathtub/closet in our cool shades wtf. 


Read your books but stay out late. 


One my fav pics from the slumber party. 


Thanks E for taking such a fantabulous picture of us <333 and also I sincerely apologize for the incident last year… days before X’mas. 


Fast forward to 2010, Elias has become one of my personal stylist shopping buddy. We look out for each other. In the fashion department, of course. And yes, most of the new clothes I wear this year is ‘inspired’ by E Yong Joo *clap clap 


When I first know him, he wasn’t the type of person who wears his heart on his sleeves. Yes, he may seem friendly and all but not many people would really know him. After two years of trust building, I can finally call you my own sai lo/confidant/non-judgemental friend 🙂 


You bring out the best in me. 


And also the Wacko Jacko in me wtf. 


You can count on us on doing embarrassing things good times. And if you must know, yes… E was the one who cut my hair recently wtf. Talk about trusting a guy friend with your head, huh. 


In spite of the crazy demeanour, you have a big heart. 

There were many occasions when we drove past beggars and old folk selling tissue and you wouldn’t hesitate to help them. Despite growing up in a city where people only look out for themselves, you always remind me to give back a little to the one less fortunate. 


And with that, you were rewarded to go Pangkor Laut Resort haha. 


No la… just an excuse to go sun tanning 😛 

And you know what’s my favourite picture of you? 


Disclaimer: This was just an act. No alcohol was consumed and no mannequin, animal or human being was harmed.  


Thank you for being such an amazing friend. You are truly larger than life. And faster get a girlfriend la so that 3 of us can go shopping together. Haha, just kidding. Please find the one that wouldn’t be easily jealous cos I still need your help to pick out good clothes for me heee~ 

Thank you for always sacrificing yourself for me and ts too especially when we were homeless, you make yourself useful  accommodate yourself to being homeless as well wtf. And thanks for being my british bitch. I now can drive myself to the main shopping malls in KL BUT… still need your help to teach me the way to Mid Valley hehe. 

To end this lovely post, I’ll leave you with a never-before-seen video. 


Thank you for everything, buddy. See you when I see you. Cheerios~

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  1. nice entry

  2. The kissing picture! IS NANG ROMANTIC!

  3. Thanks Uzair!

    Aww.. thanks Sim Yee <3

  4. Great to have best buddy!! ^^
    He must be very happy reading this!!

  5. That kiss picture made my heart pumps fast haahahah

  6. I like the kissing pix too!

  7. nice entry + pics~

  8. Hahahaha ~ This is sooo cool ! Haha ~ Good to see that u’re having a great life =) Life is meant to be ENJOYED ~ ! XD

  9. hey,

    well its always good to go our camping with your friends.. The only problems you may face is toilets and mosquitoes.. Sometimes the discomfort of a sandy or muddy area.. but if you camp often, you will get used to it.. =)

    cheers.. =)

  10. mel your friend and u all so funny.

  11. A nice tribute to your best buddy.

    Tsk tsk boyfriend ke? 😛

  12. Bendan: Haha until now I don’t know what’s his reaction lolz!

    Albert & Joyce: Thankieuu

    Christine: With E, there’s never a dull moment XP

    Adrian: Thanks for the tips =)

    Karmun: Thanks xoxo.

    Che-cheh: More like guy friend haha XP

  13. thanks for dropping by..btw, i’ve always wanted to visit pangkor..some great pictures you have there!

  14. hi..thanks for dropped by my blog.u got awesome blog ! =)

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