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Goodbye Micah!

by melmonica on December 22nd, 2012


Hola! It’s me again. This time it’s another goodbye session with Micah.

Actually Micah and I are not that close 1. All I know about him is he loves fishing.

Even without a fishing rod, he always managed to figure a method to fish 1. We caught one fish but he said it was too small so I released it into the river *bummer*

We only hangout more often when we become work partners.

We were all jobless and Micah found Karen & I a job doing flower picking in the kiwi orchard.

Both of us have 1 similarity. We were both friggin’ desperate for money.

He was going back to HK soon thus he wana earn as much money as possible before leaving.

Me…? Back then my working holiday visa was expiring and my visa extension was still processing, I wasn’t sure how long I was able to stay in NZ. So whatever the outcome is, I need to earn as much money as possible.

We were so desperate that even when it was pouring cats and dogs, we were both working our ass out. Ok la. More like wondering why are we so crazy putting ourselves in that situation. Oh, because of money wtf.

I actually like flower picking job but it is SO HARD TO EARN MONEY. It is by contract meaning you’re paid by the weight. Different orchard/ contractor has different rate and so far the ones I worked with has the highest rate. 1kg for $9. Some can go as low as 1kg for $5.50. Big difference.

In the end, I didn’t earn much pun. My heaviest weight was only 8kg.

On our last day of work – Karen (China), Micah (HK), Yusuke (日本), Me! (Malaysia)

Anyway the job lasted for like 5-6 days or so then we were all jobless again *bummer*.

Actually, we went through a lot together lor for being jobless wtf. And we were SUPER lucky to have the nicest supervisor one could ever asked for, Ava.

She lives in a cool campervan but currently she rents a beach house for the summer (just like in all the ang moh movies i watched!!!). Yusuke stayed there for a couple of days before going off for his travels and she invited us over. I’m so tempted….

Whenever someone asked me, “What do you love about New Zealand”. My default answer is, “The people”. The Kiwis are so friendly I can’t even.

Ava is one of the kindest soul I’ve ever met. When she knew Micah & I were planning to go to an orchard to look for a job, she volunteered to bring us there and be our reference to the new boss. Like seriously, which supervisor will go to that extend lor. Then she said so many good things about us until we also feel paiseh.

Thank you Ava. Thank you for all your help. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to get a placement there.

I feel so blessed and thankful to meet so many great people here. While working in the new orchard, we saw so many backpackers came and asked the boss for jobs but he turned them down. So we were the last 2 person to be in the team. How lucky!

And because of Ava too, I got the chance to play a netball game in NZ.

Although I played in an unfamiliar position (usually I’m the GS) but still it was so awesome to be playing your childhood game in a foreign country. Plus netball is a national game for NZ (like how badminton is to Malaysia) so it’s nice to play a game that they are proud of.

So I conclude, miracles do happen. It all varies by the people that you meet . I am truly lucky and blessed and eternally grateful to every one that walked into my life. The experience I’m having is beyond words can describe – better than what I could ever wished for.

(Just realized this post was sidetracked to becoming thank you Ava post LOL)

OK back to Micah.

As I mentioned earlier, during his final week here, we became work partners. We shared stories of growing up, our life before NZ and *cough* love life.

We pinky promised not to tell a soul but all I can say is he is a romantic and his gf is in good hands 🙂

Our last dinner together <3

Randy commented why does the farewell person has to cook his own farewell one. Ironic but true. Here, if you want a farewell, you cook it wtf. #whatatradition

The next day when I went to work I was damn emo cos I’m not used to working alone. Nobody to talk to, nobody to laugh at me when I trip wtf and nobody to curi tulang with me haha.

Hope you’re having a great time in Australia and maybe someday we will meet in HK or Thailand woohoo!



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  1. money is really hard to earn! haha

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