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Frame the night

by melmonica on March 20th, 2011

After weeks of having geeky weekend, I went all out on Saturday. My coursemate asked me if I wanted to join them to Putrajaya to watch hot air balloon and I immediately agreed!

The day started off with some drizzle and it got heavier by the time all of us meet up. We waited for the rain to subside before making out way there. We were all first-timer except for Putri so we were super excited despite the gloomy weather.

But when we arrived, there were no hot air balloon around also. Only got kite wtf. And the PA system announced that due to the weather, it was postponed to 5pm FOL. Can see many people left disappointed. Nevertheless, we still had some fun taking pics 🙂

They were all from the same media agency before they went separate ways. And this industry is super small lor. Almost everyone knows everyone. Which means news spread fast if one misbehave wtf.

They were all super crazy & fun bunch of people. Too bad I was with them for a while before getting ready for Nuffnang Sharing Session at Frames, Sunway Pyramid.

It was called Frames simply because the owners like photography and they have photo frames of pictures around the cafe! Very nice, cosy place for mini gathering. However, it was not brightly lit so pictures turned out quite dark 🙁

Clockwise from left: Fresh, Michelle, Tengku Sherina, Sherry, Me, MabelWe even have a real frame to camwhore with 🙂

Over dramatic.

Hakim may looked shy and quiet. But he’s actually quite sporting and is not afraid to do funny faces.

A pose inspired by Hakim lolz!

Tried to be artsy fartsy tapi tak jadi.

Twitter addicts. Oh, it’s Kate on the right 🙂


Tey Cindy in the house! Your typical pretty girl that makes heads turn when she walked passed – Tall, slender and gorgeous.

Who is really taller? She’s on heels and I wasn’t 🙂

Sherry was saying I’m skinnier than Cindy and I’m like where got! For the past 8 days I’ve been having nasi lemak for 5 meals. Skinny? Surely not.

Eleng!!!!! is one super funny girl. So friendly, we instantly clicked. Sherry and I officially adopt her into our Innit family 🙂

After dinner, we went to Topshop to look for bikini. Baru first time meet and she has already seen my Chinese tea cup @[email protected]

Surprise of the day was seeing Wendy! From afar, you can see a blonde girl walking in together with Timothy and Audrey and instantly, you know she must be Wendy.

For ice-breaking session, each person takes turn to introduce themselves, blog URL and complete this ‘If I have a magic wand, I would….’

Ringo!! You know like how some bloggers looked different in person cos they photoshop their picture kao kao but she doesn’t lor. She looks exactly the same, think even prettier in person. But she looked so skinny like she’s about to break anytime if someone touches her.

She’s so pretty right? That’s why she’s the celebrity blogger and I’m not wtf.

Oh, I know why Ringo is prettier than all most of us! I noticed that she worked her angle right. I was helping someone to take picture with her and whenever I move my camera angle, Ringo angles her face as well. And that’s why she looks good in every, single picture. No kidding. So, aspiring model or celebrity bloggers, apart from writing well, you must also know your camera angle wtf.

See me and Audrey‘s picture different color wan. Many thanks to Jackie Loi who used his external flash on my camera and the picture turned out so pretty.

At first I didn’t want him to use his external flash cos my eyes are so small already and with flash, it’ll scared my timid eyes and it’ll shut close wtf. I told Audrey how she doesn’t need to worry cos she has big eyes but she was saying big eyes equal to bigger eye bag and I’m like no such thing I also got big eye bag k. We were comparing eye bag, I feel like comparing eye bag = see who works harder in their day job wtf.

Ok, let’s talk about the food there.

Appetizer – Grilled mussels with ham and cheese.

Main course – Salmon, chicken, asparagus and mashed potato. It is arguably the best mashed potato I’ve ever tasted. I just kept scooping considerably amount of it into my mouth. And the chicken was oh-so-tender and juicy.

Fish with curry beef. I actually didn’t manage to taste the curry. Was whisked to the ladies with Sherry lolz. And when I came back, all sapu-ed edi. Guess, it must be a fav dish cos this was the only dish that was completely cleared.

Spicy carbonara sphagetti. Didn’t manage to taste this as well gahhhhhh~

The Nuffies were kind enough to give us 2 complimentary TGV tickets to watch any movie we want. Heard the TGV at 1Utama is closed for renovation? So the nearest TGV in PJ area is Sunway Pyramid? Please correct me if I’m wrong. And next weekend I’m going to Pangkor and I have yet to buy my bikini. Can’t go topless right. Ewww… Chinese tea cup wtf

This is my second time meeting Tim actually. My first time was… for an interview with Nuffnang. I’ve never told anyone about this cos… I didn’t get the job wtf. But it was a good experience cos I get to go to their office wtf but it was one of the toughest interview session I’ve ever been. It lasted for 3 hours and I was interviewed by 3 different people. I remember when I was there, they had a plate of sushi in the pantry. So anybody who’s hungry can just walk over and popped a sushi into their mouth.

Thank you Nuffnang for the invite and Frames for the great dinner. But then…. why no dessert de -.-


At the end of the night, a picture of our 3 guest bloggers. Who’s your favourite? Share with me! Mine is Audrey just cuz… we share the same taste of lame jokes wtf.

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  1. I want to camwhore with the big frame too, so chio. OMG I missed the chance to meet XX! It seems like a nice sharing session.

    • It was hell of a good time! XX was the biggest surprise! An honour to see all of them in person.

  2. Audrey! she’s cute and looks friendly 🙂

  3. awww..envy T__T i wan meet wendy ehh..>< 3 3 also pretty one

    • Yeah, all of them are pretty in person. So, in conclusion they are naturally pretty la. Not photoshop-ed pretty haha!

  4. wow wow wow, I missed the fun!!! Sad laaaa~ =[
    Hoping they are going to have new events soon.

  5. hello melmonica! first time visiting your blog! cool update on frames and the hot air balloon in putrajaya! nice dropping by here

  6. Hey! Can I steal some pics? credits all to u. =)

  7. What a nice sharing session! 🙁 I wanted to go too!!
    I like all of them, including xiaxue! They looks so pretty 🙂

  8. Argh regret i didnt go :<

  9. hey hey hey!
    it was awesome huh???
    nice to meet u!
    hope to see u soon to take pictures with my style again!

  10. Seems like everyone was having fun, especially during the magic wand game!! And the food looks scrumprious!!

  11. My fav would be Audrey too! So cute and pretty and friendly!

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