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First Inniters’ Gathering!

by melmonica on November 2nd, 2010

Ohmygawd. I am sungguh de melambatkan.

The gathering was held at Marche Restaurant at the Curve.

We got the English Garden room.

Half of them were late due to traffic on a Friday evening. So, we girls do what we’re good at. Camwhores!

Introducing Jessica Tan and Sherry.

We were dead hungry didn’t take my lunch before that so Sherry and I went and ordered our food.

Left: Sherry’s strawberry smoothies

Right: My pumpkin smoothie which tasted like banana zzzzz.

Half chicken with sweet corn. It taste as bad as it looked.

My spaghetti. Which tasted so blah. And I was like… something’s missing. Oh, cheese! So I went out and tambah cheese and walah, it looked like this!

Look more appetizing kan?

This is Doris Lai. Found out that in the past, I actually frequent her office especially during Makan-makan Friday but somehow, we couldn’t remember if we bumped into each other or not.

Her first helping. Soup with garlic bread. Psst. She’s very the healthy de. Β Her second helping was stir vegetables.

Tikkos‘ root beer. Just realized that I hardly take his pictures. Sorry ya, maybe cos you’re too handsome already takut my lens pecah lolz! We asked him, what’s the meaning of Tikkos. And he said pig in a Chinese dialect (sorry can’t remember what is it. my memory suck)

Very few girls in KL would go out without makeup. And I’m one of the very few who supports natural beauty. Lim Sim Yee aka Xing90, you look pretty with or without makeup πŸ™‚

She was the early friends I made thru Innit and I remember that she and Simon always wanted to organize outing but people seems to be busy all the time. Am pretty glad that things worked out this time. Heee~

Group pics minus me. Front row (L-R) Vince, Simon, Tikkos.

Back row (L-R) Jimmy, Sim Yee, Jessica, Sherry, Doris.

See baru first time meet already got scandal haha XP

The lamp that I almost hit for being too tall wtf.

We surprised Jimmy with birthday cupcakes! It was Sim Yee’s idea and my job was to make sure that Jimmy came for the dinner. Since I very scared people will ffk me, I volunteer to pick him up. But he said, he has his own transport so I keep my fingers crossed that he came. And so he did and he was so touched, he almost teared. All the girls went “awww…”

Happy now belated Birthday Jimmy!

Yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Chic.

Happy yeppy birthday boy.

We even made him to make a 5 minutes speech. Check it out~

Everybody wants a piece of the birthday boy.

Mine! Obviously the most kalerful one πŸ™‚

After that we proceed to Library to chill. However, I don’t have pictures while we were there cos I don’t have external flash and my internal flash sucks. So I rather not take picture if it going to turn out sucky.

However, there’s one picture of me don’t know taken by who.

Obviously, close my face so that I wouldn’t look like an oily pork stick.

Seems like Sim Yee is organizing a dinner at Pizza Hut, Mid Valley for bloggers, 13 Nov. Whoever, who wants to join in the fun, click here.

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  1. finally u blog bout it

  2. this gathering was successful, all thanks to you who organise it!

  3. you guys are so cute!! ^^

  4. TikkoSS is with 2 S? hahaha.. but great post.. it makes me looks cool in there.. and the video .. LMAO

  5. Gathering sound so fun.

  6. My ori blog design have almost the same feel like urs, also the same brown, just diff design, and then i make huge makeover and turn everything into pink, hahahaha…..

  7. wooo. so nice. when’s penang? =D

  8. All: Thanks for your comments. It wouldn’t be successful without you guys in it:)

    Camy: Waiting for the rest of the gang to do road trip up north.

    Charlene: Cool πŸ™‚

  9. Great outing and with Vince, Simon, Sherry, Tikkos there + other inniters, it must have been a blast.

    P/S: I am so hooked on to Bundaberg ginger beer and root beer πŸ™‚

  10. Alvin: It was indeed great to see all those faces rather than reading blog. Lolz!

  11. wah.. u praise Xing90 so much… !! Think she must be flying by now !

  12. Dropping by ere Melmonica.. Nice pics there. NIce gathering. =)

  13. LOL Now I’m the only one who never write about this I guess. Paiseh betul XD

  14. arrrghhh I should have roll over! too bad it was FRIDAY XD and I watch ANTM at HOME =D

  15. sherry is so thin :O

  16. Nice inniters gathering.

  17. hi nanged this :D.

    pls drop by to my site ^_^

  18. Vince: Jia you write!

    Kian Fai: Yalor, why didn’t you T__T

    Thomas: Hope you’ll join the future gathering

    Daniel: Why weird?zzz

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