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First day in mussel factory

by melmonica on January 7th, 2013

Hola! The much anticipated job of the year wtf. Yeah, I have been WAITING for this job since October 2012. And finally, FINALLY on the 7th of January 2013 I started working as a mussel opener (wtf at my attempt of making the job sound glamourous)

Actually not to say this job is like that nice to work also. Just that it’s stable; weather proof & it is paid hourly. Why do I say it’s weather proof is because it’s an indoor job. Unlike working in the orchard, job availability is depends on the weather. If it rains, usually there won’t be any work (boss dowan you to be sick mah). So no work –> no pay.

Plus point is that the job is paid hourly. $13.50 for the first 40 hours, $16.00 for the subsequent hours worked in a week. I work 8 hours/ day, 6 days/ week. So woohoo! $16.00/ hour for my work on Saturday.

Job is rather easy. Just use a knife and twist it open. But the tough part is you gotta open like 5,000 mussels a day if not you’ll be fired *evil voice*. So best is to open like 20 mussels/ minute which means 1 mussels = 3 seconds. Crazy! I think right now I take like 5 seconds to open a mussel. But the final 1 hour i was like fuck it i’m so bloody tired i just wana go home and lie on my bed #siewjie

For a few weeks, I’ve been having neck pain. When I was working in the vineyard, I consistently need to look down. Then when I worked in the kiwi orchard, I consistently need to look up. And that now I’m opening mussels, my job requires me to look down all the time. Seriously, one day my neck will just putus liddat wtf.

My back also ache. Don’t know if it’s because of my height but we are in a stationary position for 8 hours (except 3x 20 minutes smoko time) Can die i tell you.

PLUS NO MUSIC!!! However there were some songs playing over and over again in my head.

Ok here’s my silent playlist wtf.

1. Lana Del Ray – Born to Die


Ok it’s 10.40pm now. I gotta wake up at 4.45am tomorrow so I better go to bed now. Toodles people!


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  1. bulats permalink

    Fightings for ur job! I love ur blog! Will stalk more! Heh

  2. ohgosh i tot got photo of the mussel opener! haha cause it sounds interesting!

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