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False Advertising

by melmonica on June 26th, 2014


Haha the title has nothing to do with this movie.

I was beyond ecstatic that the local cinema is playing TFIOS. Watched in on Tuesday with my heart filled with pre-warmth fluff.

I was kinda nervous to watch a movie which i know so well (read it 3 times) and i usually don’t like predictable kinda movie. As i waited for it to begin, i was conflicted with excitement and hesitance if the movie will disappoint.

My verdict: A simplified version of the book. The movie left a lot of details out. But anyway, it’s fine for me la. It’s impossible to encapsulate the whole book in 120 minutes. So the movie plays more on the emotional part of the story i.e. Gus & Hazel love story and Gus’ death.

I practically cried from the time Gus told Hazel about his cancer returned till the end of the movie. I’m glad that my neighbour stranger also cried. So is the girl sitting in front of me. I’m not the only one!!!

Watching the movie makes me wana reread the book again. I wana relive the memories again.

Apart from watching a good movie, my day quickly turned for the worst.

I used to believe that honesty and communication are vital elements in a successful relationship. But last night i was slapped with the cold, hard truth.

For effective communication to take place, both parties have to agree on being a listener when the other person speaks. And by being a listener, i mean understanding what the other party is saying and going through. It is futile if one listens with judgmental and defensive mindset. Because by being defensive, you are automatically closing all genuine attempts to solve a problem.

“Someone should design a sign that says, “Leave your shoes, EGO AND SARCASM at the DOOR.”

Well, if you wana achieve effective communication then that’s the way to go, no?


One of the biggest shock i’ve experienced is how nice a person can be when the world is a wonderland and how fast it can flip 180 when the world is upside down.

My point is a lot of people tend to make promises when they are happy or in a pursuit of happiness. They promise to go through everything with you. Promise to be with you. Never to leave your side especially in the time of distress. You know the words.

But when it happens, they are nowhere to be found.

I hate broken promises. It makes me lose respect of you as a person. The trust built is gone and it’s just so disappointing especially coming from the person who you care a lot.

I trusted you by opening up and placing my heart in your hand. I trust that you are responsible enough to take good care of it. But when you walk out on me during our half-civilized conversation, it is disheartening. Heartbreaking. It’s like being stabbed in the stomach. So hurtful. So so painful.

“If you could not accept me during my worst, then what makes you deserve my best?”


As of now, i’m at lost of how to move forward. I am terribly afraid of getting my heart broken. But I AM determined not to let myself be hurt again. Putting up a protective gear in front of my heart now. Thanks for the reality check.


PS: Maybe this shall be a guide for me.


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