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Digital vs. Lomography

by melmonica on June 22nd, 2012

I know. A lot of people have been asking me this.

So, since you keep using your lomo cam, are you going to abandon your DSLR?

Honestly, the number of time I used my lomo cam outnumber the number of times I brought my DSLR out. Sumore with camera phone being capable of taking nice photo + instant editing app, who wants to lug that 2kg of camera around (okaylah i don’t know how heavy is my camera but it feels like 2kg wtf)

The first time I was exposed to lomography was The Loblography Malaysia Challenge. It is basically getting 10 Malaysian bloggers to test out the La Sardina and the best & most popular blogger wins.

And… they crowned me as the most popular wtf. Thus, I can has an LC-A+!

If you ask me, right now right this second, which camera I would prefer using and honestly… I’ll take lomo over digital. But don’t get me wrong. I’ll still bring my DSLR around. Just for… official event purposes. To do artsy fartsy stuffs then lomo comes in. To instagram then it’s my HTC Sensation XL hehe.

Ok let’s cut the boring part out. I’ve been taking lots of pics using LC-A+. Here’s some of my fav pics!


Pic was taken at Waterfront, Kuching. Dragged le boss outta bed as early as 5am to satisfy my cravings for sunrise wtf! We were rushing like mad, almost met an accident sumore. However, it was totally worth it! It felt like watching a new born baby wtf and I was happy with the end result 🙂

Thank you Emmanuel, i love you long time wtf.

Film: Lomography X-Pro Chrome 200


This time, Miao was the victim wtf. With tripod in one hand, off we go to Damai Central. But I didn’t get to play the long exposure thing cos the cloud kacau-ed. Nevertheless, I still love the result. I reckon sunset looks nicer than sunrise lor. Maybe it’s the film wtf.

Anyway, thanks Miao! I love you long time too wtf.

Film: Lomography X Tungsten


Pic was taken in Chiang Mai, my first company trip!! *jakun* Actually, when I posted this album up on FB, it never occurred to me as my fav pic but as i was going through the pic for this post, i though hey not bad ah this pic, can put it up here cos 1) it’s karerful 2) it looks quite clear to me.

Only thing is… why is the blue vignette thing visible in all my photo? Is it the film or my skill that causes it to be like that?

Film: Lomography X Tungsten


I know it’s a bit dark but took this randomly and I like how it turned out 🙂

Picture was taken in Limau Limau, Malacca to fulfill my cravings for Malacca food. Caroline and Sue Ling was lovely enough to teman me. (The things that my friends are willing to do with/ for me *teary eyes*). It was a great trip except that it ended on a pretty unpleasant note. Not going to talk about it *shivers*

Film: Lomography Lady Grey 400


Hmm, i know… composition salah. A total fail. But somehow I kinda like this picture cos it depicts me as a lomographer (cey wah)

Film: Lomography Lady Grey 400



Did a double with Cutebun and it was an amazing experience! Actually there’s no particular picture that I like from the album but  one of the lomographer made this his profile pic on FB/ Instagram and so I feel a bit proud of it heh.

Film: Lomography CN100

Cat in Kuching #catseption

Comparing this picture to the cat picture that was featured in my interview with Lomography Malaysia is embarrassing! This cat is obviously look way better than the 1 I featured and the naive me (back then) was very happy with what I had wtf.

And seriously, it is not easy to take a cat picture lor. Can y’all please appreciate it as much as I do by staring at the picture for another 10 seconds wtf ktxbai.

Film: Lomography CN100

I sent a guy to the sky.

OMG if i had to choose my favourite film, it’ll definitely be the Provia.Unfortunately, Fuji has discontinued manufacturing the films and I was very, very lucky to have a taste of the Provia <3

Was doing MX portrait of all the guys in my group and this is Firdaus’ wtf. I first took a picture of the sky and i think it kinda overexpose the film already then when I take a picture of him, he became god wtf.

Film: Fuji Provia 100F


As much as I love street portrait photography, I have a weakness, a fear that is difficult for me to overcome. I am scared of taking people’s picture. I’m afraid that people will scold me after taking their picture wtf. And if I ask them permission to take their picture, then they will start posing etc which I don’t want lor!

Maybe babysteps. Since I have the innocent, good girl face imma just give them a nice smile after taking pictures of strangers wtf #strategy

Film: Lomography CN100

Beary Goofie.

Pic was taken in le office cos I wana faster finish the film and develop it wtf. Don’t know who’s bear is it also. Just realized that I kinda have broad shoulder and muscular flabby arms.

Film: Lomography CN100


So now, you can more or less know which 1 heart more. Well, in fact lomography has played an important role in my life. I have the opportunity to meet new friends like the LomoPenang group!



Bumped into them when I was in Penang for the Aloud Asia/ mini weekend trip with family. And I was honoured to meet the most active lomographer in Penang, Fayeusokoi. Her works are amazing. You gotta check it out.

And when I told her that I’m melmonica, she went…

“Oh so you’re the winner for the Loblography contest.”


She recognizes me

*teary eyes*


I’m running out of caption for pictures without being lame wtf.

Anyway, I had a great time meeting them albeit a short while. They were really nice though. Wish i had the chance to lomowalk with them… maybe some day 😉

Lomohunter Kuching.

Not forgetting my meet up with the lomographers in Kuching recently. I am truly blessed to meet people of all walks of life just from lomography. It was a precious experience that I could not ask for a better lomowalk. The best first lomowalk ever!!

Picture credit to Reza. Taken with Horizon Perfekt. Imma get this if I have the ka ching! 😛



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  1. The reflection photo that you said it was a total fail was actually my fave among all! The photo is clear too (:

  2. hehe! keep LOMO ON!!!

  3. Cantiknya the pictures!

  4. super love the sunset foto!! ada feel~~

  5. I have little appreciation for lomo. i love the pics, but probably because I’m more of a portrait person than a scenery one, so I always prefer 50mm lens on dslr. hehe

  6. i always love lomo art!! artistic in some way! 🙂

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