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Celebrate at siTigun

by melmonica on August 10th, 2010

Last Wednesday, after work baby and I went to siTigun to celebrate our monthly anniversary. Actually, it was my idea to celebrate it there cos 1. it’s nearby my office 2. it looks very cosy and i want to try it out.

It is actually a pit-stop for cyclist all over the world but i don’t see any cyclist stopping. The concept was for coffee lovers and cyclists; both traits the owner, Tigun Wibisana hold onto dearly.

Baby wasn’t too impressed when he looked at the menu cos there ain’t got much to order. I persuaded him to look at the coffee menu while I picked out stuffs to eat.

Spaghetti Sausage RM12.90

Regret ordering this as it was so blah. Even baby can cook better than this zzz. Not worth to order.

Gado-Gado (homemade salad) RM8.80

Though the emping was to-die-for. Overall, it was so-so. Order this if you want a healthy and tasteless meal.

Latte for baby and orange juice for moi. Cos I can’t take coffee it’s poison for me zzz

Ok. Artsy shot of the cafe.

So cosy kan? Lovesit!

Err.. don’t ask me why my mouth is opened liddat probly i was hungry or something

Speaking of that kinda pic, reminds me of other unpleasant pics that I took with my mouth opened

Back at Elias‘ aunt’s haunted house

With Ming when we were playing posing golf

ANYWAY, head to siTigun if you just wana chill in a quiet, conceptual cafe. Not recommended to have your meal here as it has limited choice for food and worst still, it sucks. And exxy too! For 4 items, it costs us more than RM30.

I wouldn’t visit there in the near future. Probably on a lazy Sunday afternoon just to online and people watch.

siTigun is located at 15-17, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang.

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  1. Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

  2. Hi JLean, nice to meet you:)

  3. Drop by to say Hi…

    Wow, this coffee shop is great~ but it is too far from me, Penang ha, I will sure drop by this coffee house once day~

  4. Hi DSvT,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, this coffee shop ambience is nice but too bad the food wasn’t all pleasant. There’s room for improvement.

    Btw, where are you from if you don’t mind me asking:)

  5. ng tong sheng permalink

    Nice environment indeed but too bad the food sux!! DSvT, i saw your blog, nice 1 🙂

  6. Sally Loo permalink

    it’s a coffee house, not restaurant lar… Foods serving there are mostly light food! I tried their coffee, unbeatable….. cos they roast their own coffee in-house. And the tiramisu is the best i ever have … yummmyyyy. Indeed great place to “sembang”! luv it

  7. Danny T permalink

    Frankly, I think this is a very subjective blogging. I would take the majority comments: saying Tigun is one of the best coffee house in town serving great coffee and croissant.

    • As I don’t drink coffee, I cannot comment if it’s the best or not. But from a consumer perspective, the service was not attentive, food and drinks were below average and it was a disappointment experience to me.

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