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Bidding 2015 Goodbye

by melmonica on December 31st, 2015

Hola! A quickie (or in another word, half-assed) update to end the year.

If I could describe 2015 in a word it would be – INCREDIBLE.

At the end of 2014, I told myself to take 2015 as it come. No expectations, no plans. Just go with the flow.

And the flow is an amazing one!

Some of my favourite memories.

  1. Collecting all the Greys book.

Haha I am such a nerd putting this first in the list. The boyfriend gifted me the first book “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Valentine’s Day. After I finished the first book, I was looking forward to read the second one. But for a reader , I am pretty stingy when it comes to buying book for myself. The boyfriend took this opportunity to surprise me! (Brownie point for him!)

2. Went to Samoa for our 2nd anniversary.

I called it “A Blessing Trip”. During this trip, we met an online friend who helped us settled down better in Auckland. Also because of this trip, the boy got a job in Auckland. And also because of this trip I found many #ootd worthy background wtf #superficial.

I love South Pacific so much. So without much thought, we decided to go to Samoa for a week. I am thankful to have a boyfriend who has the same interest and as adventurous as I am when it comes to food and life experiences.

One of the highlight of this trip was our stay in an island with no electricity and no grocery store. Back at home, we could choose a dual fuel tariff and here, we couldn’t get proper electricity, let alone tariffs. Basically it’s just an island with a few huts by the shore. You can walk around the island in 1.5-2 hours. That is how small the island was. However, it wasn’t all nice and dandy. Because it has no electricity, we couldn’t charge our phone. Meaning we have to be very stringent with our phone usage – only for photo taking and then switch it off to conserve battery. And the sun sets much earlier so by 9pm it was pitch black. We were given solar-powered lights which was the size of a man’s wallet. Not enough to do anything so we had a lot of time to think in absolute tranquility.

Because there were no grocery store on the island, we brought some food supplies i.e. bread and sardine cans. On our first night there, the boyfriend told me that he saw 2 huge rats, the size of a cat munching on our bread that was hanging behind our heads. With the small solar-powered lights, he saw 2 shadow of the rats and heard them biting through the plastic bag to eat our bread. I was so grossed by it and I thought they will aim for my smelly feet next! Every time I turned to look at the rat (or its shadow) it actually disappeared and the munching stopped. Part of me is amaze that they are quick, part of me is angry that they are eating our food supply. What are we going to eat then!

At that island, I also befriended 2 dogs who I fell in love (too quickly). I am more of a cat person so it was unbelievable how attached was I to the dogs. On our final morning, I set the alarm at 6am to watch the sunrise. One of the dog was sweet enough to accompany me. We sat by the beach in total silence and i said to him “I’m going to miss you so much”. Not sure if it’s pure coincidence or not, he licked my cheek as if to comfort me. And then I cried. I never felt so much love from a new acquaintance before.

Okay enough with the mushiness! Writing this makes me wana cry again.

3. South –> North

In August, we sold most of our belongings and took the plunge by leaving Invercargill and drove up to Auckland. Started off from Queenstown to Wanaka to Mt Cook we slowly make our way up, passing through towns and cities and saying my goodbyes to my friends. I have so many lovely memories from the trip, maybe I’ll blog about it some day 🙂

4. Got promoted at work

I have been unhappy with my career path for quite some time. I am what you would call “the Millennial job-hopper”. So every time I got a new job, I have to start from the bottom and before I reach the management level, I hopped to another one and the cycle starts again. So I was very excited when I am officially a Supervisor at my workplace now. As my manager is on leave for a month, I am in charge of day-to-day operation and the fire extinguisher to all the crisis at work. It is stressful, a bit daunting and I feel like one of those Fresno Fire Watch Guards.

5. Best Christmas to date

The boyfriend and I had Teppanyaki at Daikoku on Quay and had wagyu beef for the first time! OMG after my first taste of the beautifully sliced wagyu, I swore never to eat average beef again (yeah right). It just melt in your mouth and I am so thankful for the boyfriend for this wonderful Christmas.

We got each other the same prezzie – a FitBit Charge HR. WTF right?! Hahaha. On top of that, for our 31st monthsary, he got me a book! It’s The Martian by Andy Weir. Been dying to read this book. So excited to be starting a new book on a new year!

6. Best book I read

… goes to Steve Job biography by Walter Isaacson. I was bored one day. Browsing through my old Instagram pictures and was looking for something to read. I am bored of reading romance novels (had just finished the entire Grey series) and was also bored of the same usual genre i.e. thriller etc. In 2012, I bought Steve Jobs’ biography but didn’t have the chance to finish it due to my travels (did NZ working holiday. Not going to lug a thick book around. #notpractical) So I went to the nearest library, borrowed it home and satiate myself in the joy of flipping through pages of words and wisdom.

At the same time, my sleeping pattern changed. I was roster morning shifts which start as early as 5am so for a few weeks I needed to catch up on my sleep and missed out on the pleasure of reading. So it took me 2 months to finish reading it. Longest reading record time hahaha but a gratifying one nonetheless.

I can totally relate to the book as I‘m used to be in the digital advertising line (and a little bit of a tech geek). I have the utmost respect of him bridging art and technology and also creating revolutionary products (an adj that Steve often used in his product demo).

I am no Apple fan but how I wish he was still alive. It has been 3 years since his passing and I wonder if he was still alive, what sort of product/ technology will we be using now. I reckon if he was still alive, it would be amazing to see Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg work together in refashioning the digital world.

I apologize for the wordy blogpost. I am on time constraint, need to get ready for NYE party with the boy. Have a good one people, see you next year! 🙂

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