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Be My LMFAO Party Rock Plus One – Free tix!

by melmonica on April 4th, 2012

Hey guys, it’s 1am and i can’t sleep. No thanks to the stupid ying yong milk tea I had earlier.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep bcos of 1. the coffee and 2. i just got a pair of LMFAO tix!! Party zone sumore!

And since I’m date-less, I’m looking for a person to go with me (Oh my, do I sound pathetic?)

I know I can actually just sell off the tix or bring any of my friend but the thing is… I want the person to appreciate the tickets as much as me. I want it to be worth it. I want to bring a person who will enjoy as much as I do.

So the criteria of my plus 1 are:-

1. Must be a die-hard LMFAO fan.

2. Must know how to let loose and have a good time.


That’s all you ask? Yes! That’s the person I’m looking for as a plus 1.


So to win this one (1) ticket as my plus one (don’t take the ticket and cabut arr!)

Step 1 Click on the Goreng Krew tab on Samsung U-niverz page



Step 2 Click on Gallery



Step 3 Go to Page 2 and look out for my video

(Second row far right)


Step 4 Vote laa for my video…

You can vote as many as 5 times in a day. So vote to your heart’s content wtf.


Step 5 Tell me how much you heart LMFAO

Once all of the above is done, email me at [email protected] and tell me how much you love LMFAO and why are you dying to see them and most importantly why you wana be my plus one although I’m an #auntie #bookworm yet I’m a #dancer #photographer #lomographer #virtuallysociable

You can email me your grandma/ grandpa story ke, you can video yourself ke, you can video your moves/ shuffle/ dance cos I want a person who can have a good time with me, remember? Oh, not forgetting pictures if you’re too lazy to video it all wtf.

Although I’m no celebrity/ Malaysian hottest blogger (no pun intended) but I feel like going out with someone who will appreciate this ticket and we can haz fun in the concert!

So, if you have any questions, don’t be shy, come tweet me at and contest ends Friday (6 April) 11.59pm (I know it’s very short notice but please do your best and make me LMFAO proud wtf!


Okay with every contest comes with terms and conditions *cey wah*

1. Please do not cabut lari/ abandon me when you get the ticket because you’re supposed to be my plus 1. And the plus 1 can be a guy or a girl, it doesn’t matter la. Anything la as long as we’ll have rocking good time k!

2. Judges’ decision is final. No questions/ feedback/ comment will be layan-ed after that wtf.

3. Closing date for this entry is Friday (6 April) at 11.59pm. Any late entries will automatically be disqualified.

4. When you submit your entries, please state your Name and Contact Number so that we can meet up la wtf.

5. If you’re one of the winner, I’ll contact you privately via email or phone call latest by Sunday (8 April) 12 noon.

6. If you’re selected as my plus one, you are to arrange your own transportation to the concert venue ya. I’m not volunteering myself to take you there wtf. We’re just going to meet at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon, dance until the concert ends then go back to the reality. Please don’t treat me as your driver wtf.

7. If in any event, the organizer cancel the concert ke, LMFAO demam ke, whatever the situation may be, i gotta say… NOT MY FAULT AHH! And ticket won is not exchangeable for cash (obviously).

8. I reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.


Now that I almost finish writing this blog, I kinda feel pathetic for having to look for someone to go with. But I hope someone out there who loves dancing/ love LMFAO/ love concert/ love having a good time will be genuine enough to appreciate this opportunity of getting a free concert and teman me wtf.

Till then , i look forward to seeing your entries!


















































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  1. Awww.. I wish I’m there.

  2. LOL so who won in the end? and how was the concert?

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