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Allister Ann replied my email!

by melmonica on March 6th, 2011

Today, I decided to check my Yahoo mail to see if mom has emailed me the RM50 bikini pics she has been talking about. Oh ya, if you guys know anywhere that I can get nice bikini (nice meaning colorful without being too busy on the chest area wtf) then lemme know. My budget is RM100 but I don’t mind spending a lil bit more for a killer bikini wtf.

Anyway, what a surprise to see Allister’s email in my inbox. I stumbled upon her website late last year and ever since then she became my inspiration. My lack of vocabulary wouldn’t do justice to her photograph so please drop by her website. Here’s a sneak peek of some of my fav shots.

Her style is simplicity. Making every day activities beautiful. Who would have thought taking from that angle? I know I wouldn’t cos I’d probably stand in front of the window and shoot.

Only Allister Ann can make sitting on the floor eating your burger and fries look good.

Elias, please dress up like this so I can take pretty pictures of you 😉

The person who finds comfort behind the lens.

Yes, she is very pretty. She owns 3 camera all Canon one wtf. Like the first picture, she took it using Canon AE1 35mm. For shoots, she goes for 5D Mark II 85mm f/1.2. I know, a killer one right?


My sweetheart drew the puppy that I cuddle every night.

Who need Facetime when we can video call each other for free at anywhere with 3G coverage.

On another note, it is so sad that our relationship depends on technology. How I wish I can teleport myself there whenever I want. Again, technology. Hrmph.


A lot of people asked me if is still alive. Can I justify something? The reason that I’m dead slow in blogging is because my laptop is in a coma. It only works on me whenever it wants and it can’t do heavy stuffs like photoshop anymore. And and… y’know that good pictures is an essential part of my blog. My mobile only takes trashy pictures (sorry Samsung!) and that’s why they end up in my FB Mobile Upload album and not here.

But if you still want to find a mobile phone that can take good quality pictures I suggest go for Sony Ericson phone. Here are some of the pictures baby took during the shoot last year.

Sony Ericson tends to make the picture blue-r don’t ask me why.

OK I look so bergaya here.

Think I gotta find back my passion. It’s been a while since I took really nice, speechless pictures. Even that random trip to Malacca also didn’t take any nice pictures. I’m so sick of taking rubbish ones that clog up my external. I think I need to shake myself and let loose. I think I need Zee Avi. I think I need a crazy friend.

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  1. finally there’s an update!

  2. looks like u are into photography too..

    • Hi Alan, hahaha! I think almost everyone is into photography nowadays. Checked out your website and it’s pretty cool 🙂

  3. GOSH! envy of you guys’ legs here. so long and skinny!!

  4. woooo sony ericson takes clear pictures…. xD

  5. wish to get a canon dslr too.

  6. you look awesome in the last pic

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