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A Year of My Life Went Missing

by melmonica on July 23rd, 2017

A month since it happened. Every Friday, memories of the scenes flashes before for me. Even 4 weeks after the incident, talking about it still gets to me. It still make my heart racing. It still brings tears in my eyes.


I never publicly spoken about this. I’m on the verge of tears even writing about this in Starbucks.

My room got broken into (cats out of the bag now). It is my room in Auckland. 8th day after my holiday. I remembered vividly – that Friday morning, I woke up feeling so happy. I dreamt of my late grandmother. Happy that I finally got the chance to say goodbye to her through my dreams.

It was also Ozias’ day off. We had specific plans for the day. Didn’t matter what we do as long as we have each other <3. I remembered feeling so happy throughout the day, like nothing could go wrong. What could go wrong anyway? I just came back from a 10-week holiday, got to spend a whole 24 hours with the boyfriend and I remember feeling young, wild and free (cliche i know)

As it was a Friday, malls in Auckland close at 9pm. So we took advantage of it and just chill. Got back home at 8.30pm feeling ravenous and ready to chow down on our discounted takeaway sushi. Who knew my life would turn 180 then.

We got home and found out that our house got broken into. Through the hallway, I saw the doors to my landlord and flatmate’s room were wide opened. Sensing the worst I looked to my right and true enough, the door to my room is wide opened.

I lived in a developing country my whole life and never have I experienced this before. I quickly rushed to my room and saw drawers were pulled out, bags were flung out from the closet. An intruder invaded my privacy. An intruder broke into my sanctuary.

Thankfully, we brough our tablet out with us so I couldn’t identify what was missing from first glance. Until Ozias said, “THE CAMERA!”


Pictures from our recent Europe and Malaysia holiday were in it. We hadn’t had the chance to copy them out yet. And true enough, the place where the camera has always been is not there anymore.

My whole world came crashing down. Not because I haven’t uploaded the pictures on my Facebook. But it was the holiday that Ozias and I worked so hard for for 3 years. It was our dream holiday. It was something that I want to share with my future kids that if you work hard for it, you can achieve it.

Ozias gifted me the camera on my 30th birthday. Thus, we have lost a year worth of memories from June ’16 – June ’17. (Yes, we’re the smart ass that do not have the habit of transfering pictures out of the SD card).

Although we have some copies of the pictures on Instagram but that is probably 1% of it. We lost pictures and videos of Ozias’ birthday celebration at Mekong Baby (oh the videos of how happy he was opening his present is priceless) to our 10 days trip to Paihia and Mount Maunganui. The one that hit me the hardest is pictures of my family in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang to the pictures and videos of Ozias in Old Trafford to some of the funniest videos of us in the Eiffel Tower to the gorgeous pictures we took in Santorini, Pompeii and Acropolis (cried the loudest when I think of these cos I’m a sucker for archaeology and no way am I going to revisit those places in the future).

I thought once I settled down I could slowly transfer the pictures out cos I have pictures of Roberto Carlos in Santiago for Yuha, also pictures from Big Ben to London Bridge and we literally walked from one end to the other and now we have no recollection of it (kinda feel like I’ve wasted my walk wtf).

Gosh don’t make me start with Sagrada Familia. The one Gaudi architecture that I was dying to see in Spain. Now, gone.

Not forgetting Ireland. The most underated country that we’ve been to also the one that we fell in love the most – GONE.

I cried for days. Cried and prayed that the robber would return me the SD card cos it’s literally my life in there. It’s a year full of memories. I prayed that he would have the heart to return my SD card in the mailbox and I won’t even press charges. Who am I kidding? If he had a heart, he wouldn’t be breaking into people’s home in the first place.

It has been a month and remembering the tragedy still brings me to tears. Ozias said it felt like we lost a child. Yes, the camera is our everything. Our whole life, our proudest moments and a memory of a year of our life is gone, is wiped out by a stranger.

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