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6 Friggin’ Months in Motueka, NZ

by melmonica on April 20th, 2013

Sorry! Backdated post! It’s really hard to get proper internet access here. Well, you can but you gotta pay like NZD2 for 30 minutes. Too expensive for a kiamsiap backpacker like me.


6 months in Motueka. Phew! Time flies. And I finally embarked on an adventure away from my foreign home. I was kinda reluctant to leave. Motueka is a place where I matured the most, the place where I fall in love, fall out of love and made my friends, my family.

Thankiu to these 2 monkeys for sending me off to the airport. I love them to bits. Can’t live my life without ‘em. Distance will not end our friendship. It will only strengthen what we have.

In September I plan to visit Mok in Korea, and him to Malaysia in October.

As for Ying Zhu, I shall be waiting for the time when she will make her trip to Malaysia 🙂


As I boarded the plane, I could feel tears started building up. “Hold your tears, honey. It would be utterly embarrassing.” While the cargo is being loaded up into the plane, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tears streaming on my face and I thought to myself, “Damnit. Why didn’t I bring a tissue.” So I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and the sniffling stopped.

When I reached Auckland, I wasn’t too impressed with the whole atmosphere. Well, to me it’s just like any other city. I paid NZD35 (too expensive) for my airport transfer to the backpackers and NZD26/ night for my accommodation. I was placed in a room with 2 guys. And surprise surprise, I got the top bunk bed (Yet again. As always) I rested a while and my roommate got up. From his accent, I immediately knew that he’s a French. We quickly become friends and he brought me to a nice burger joint called Burgerfuel. We talked about football, shared our travel experiences etc.

He works as a bike guy in the city (sort of like a beca cyclist in Malacca wtf) – from 6pm till late. At night, I roamed around the city alone looking for pearl milk tea store (I was so desperate I even tried googling it!)

The next day, I woke up pretty late. Laze and roll (stationary) on the bed until Ozias scolded me cos I was so damn lazy wtf.

Adrian has his day off and he wanted to go to the city centre so we decided to go together.

While talking to him, I couldn’t help comparing an Asian guy to a French guy. Despite being only 20, he seriously knows how to treat a woman well. He knows how to say the right words. Things you will never expect to hear it from an Asian guy.

“You’re perfect.”

“I will not look at another girl because I’m with you now. I don’t want to disrespect you.”

“You have chestnut eyes.”

“A postcard from Cook Islands will not replace you here.”

“I will not be bored here because I will keep thinking of you.”


OK la. It’s nice to hear it but to type it out makes me realize it’s too soon to say all these to a girl who you just met for 48 hours wtf.

Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled hangout session. Adrian stays in Auckland for 2 months already so he brought me to a lot of hidden nice places.


More blogposts to come! Up next… Rarotonga, Cook Islands! 😀

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