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5x pairs of Chelsea Training Pass to Giveaway

by melmonica on July 15th, 2011

It is the season for EPL teams to kick play against Harimau Malaya team.

I used to follow football religiously but now I just follow World Cup (Go Spain woots!)

And I just realised that all my favourite footballers have one thing in common.

They are in the defensive side.

All time footballer #1 – Iker Casillas

2nd fav footballer – Rio Ferdinand

Sorry, no good looking pictures of him.

This is the best I can get wtf.

3rd fav footballer – John Terry from Chelsea woots!

Don’t ask me why I like these scandalous footballers.

Anyway, my title is genuine. I am giving away 5 x pairs of Chelsea Training Session  Passes.

Date: 19 July 2011 (Tuesday)

Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Sorry for the embarrassingly blur picture quality.

Yeah, you can see my rubbish bin and wire in the corner wtf.

To win the passes, you just need to proclaim your love for Chelsea. Yes, I’m making you guys work for it wtf.

You can tell me via email <[email protected]>, tweet me <@melmonica> or Facebook me <[email protected]>.

Either way also can reach me, as long as you tell me how much you love them then I’ll send you to go watch them train WOKAY?

You may send multiple entries. Closing date is 17 July 2011, Sunday @ 7pm.

Good luck. And may the 5 lucky person cium John Terry on my behalf 😉

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  1. nice..! i got 2 chelsea match tickets.. gave it away already coz not interested.. and it’s on a weekday! 😛

  2. is it on 21st july? coz i think i got 2 dy. Will you be there? XD

  3. oops, wait this is training? match? I’m so confused, just woke up. Pardon me.. ><

  4. haha. i only got training passes to give away. not the match tix. training is on the 19th july, tuesday.

  5. watching them training is like a guy watching a guy building up his muscle in the gym, dam gay LOL!

  6. so good wor can get but too bad i am never a fan of the Blues.. hahaha!

  7. Wee wang wang~ time to update~

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