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by melmonica on June 21st, 2015


It is the dreaded time of the year. The day when i turn one year older. And this year it’s a little bit more depressing because 29 is the last year of my 20s *sobs*. Goodbye carefree life, goodbye youthfulness. And welcome to the trial and tribulation of an adult.


However, it wasn’t all bad actually. At 29, i feel more confident of what i want and how to achieve it. When i was in my 20s, i was exposing myself with as much experience as i could possibly have – jumping from jobs to jobs, country to country. After all the ups and down, i now know what i’m good at and work on it. No more jack of all trades, master of none anymore!


During my working holiday time, i always wanted to celebrate my birthday in a foreign country. Last year was my first, pretty exciting time. This year… not so much. Just cuz, i always envisioned that celebrating your birthday in a foreign country means lots of excitement and party with fireworks (hahaha my dream birthday) but… celebrating your birthday particularly in Invercargill means you’re stuck at home, covering yourselves in the duvet with hot chocolate. Yeah, one of those sober grandmother’s birthday. Heck… i think my grandmother has more happening birthday than mine wtf.


Anyway, reality is celebrating your birthday overseas means not having your family and friends around, celebrating with the wind from South Pole blowing at the speed of 70km/h. Yepp, it was that horrible. But i owe it to my boyfriend Ozias for making it as special as he can.


So here’s the best bit – we celebrated my birthday on 2 different days! Why you asked? Why not?!


On his day off – Monday the 8 of June, we did normal couple housework stuffs. Eating Chinese takeaway at the launderette. Groceries bla bla bla then we went to watch Aloha.


Holy smokes, the movie sucks big time. I am so surprised that 3 of the top Hollywood blockbuster actor and actresses agreed to act in a movie with no storyline. AT ALL! I came out not understanding a single bit. I overheard the other patrons commented, “I fell asleep.” Another one said, “I almost but Bradley Cooper kept me awake”. Seriously?! Initially i thought it’s a rom com but it is far from it. I just… i don’t even know what to label this movie. Worst movie i ever watched wtf.

To end the night off, we had dinner at Buster Crabb. It’s conveniently near to our place and passing by this place for a year and a half, i am really so curious about this restaurant because the door is always close. It’s tradition to have your wishes come true on your birthday right?

The boy and i ordered 2 mains and a dessert (learnt our lesson from Valentine’s Day)



Moi’s 250g Eye Fillet wrapped in Bacon with garlic prawn and risolle potatoes and garlic butter sauce on the side.


The boy’s Mixed Grill that comes with 200g of Rib Eye, Lamb Rump, Chicken Breast and Bacon (basically the whole farm lah!) with garlic prawn and marinated mushrooms on the side.

Food was great! I tend not to order chicken when i eat out because i’m sick of eating chicken at home (it’s the cheapest meat at the supermarket) But boy oh boy. I always find eating chicken is so boring but sayang’s chicken breast was so delicious. It was cooked to perfection and it changed my perception on chicken! Life changing moment for my tongue. We were there for the steak but the chicken breast stole the show. It is a damn good chicken coming from a chicken meat hater wtf.

For drinks the boy had Irish Coffee and I had Fresh Plum Daiquiri. Oh gosh, another refreshing, mouth watering cocktail. Fell in love at first sip. Told the boy, we gotta come back here again.

To finish it off, we had Banofee Cheesecake.


Not my favourite lah since I don’t fancy banana flavoured food. But it’s a well balanced dessert because I had the raspberry, cream and ice cream (something that the boy doesn’t like) and he finished the (deconstructed) banana cheesecake.

And when we returned home, i pestered the bf and asked if he got me anything for my birthday. He said sorry don’t have but understandable lah coz we need to save money for a million things (sigh growing up). Took a long shower and when i came out of the bathroom, this was hanging at the door!


I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! Quickly put on my PJs and went to open my present!


Tadah! A earring from him! I’ve have been looking for a simple earring design for the longest time and I finally have one now 🙂

Told him next time not to get Pandora liao (I actually not a fan of the brand) But quickly add “Other brand can lah ok!” HAHAHAHAHA.

When the clock struck 12 on my actual birthday we celebrated with cake! Birthday is the only time that i shamelessly and guiltless-ly eat cake without a care about how much calories i’m consuming.


Nah an ugly picture of me here. No make up, pic taken in yellowish fluorescent light. No amount of editing can save it T3T


A closer shot of the cake. I requested for salted caramel flavour (my fav!) but according to the baker they can’t do salted caramel. Can only do caramel. So… overly-sweet-borderline-diabetic cake for me! The boy got it from Colonial bakery. He didn’t request for any design and it turned out to be so old fashioned one! I used to see this cake design when i was young i.e. in my teens? Now people still make cake like this meh!

Aesthetic aside, the cake was fluffy and yummy. My teeth sinks into its soft flesh. Despite it being too sweet for my liking, i still enjoyed it. Until i found egg shells in the cake wtf! Seriously?!!!!! This is unacceptable! But working in the F&B line, i understand sometimes people make mistake. I rang them up and just casually told them about it. They wanted to compensate for it but i was fine with it. Didn’t make a big fuss out of it, just give them a heads up so that the baker would be more careful in the future.

Anyway, while i was making my wish the bf sneaked into the room. I was like, “Eh where are you going. What are you doing?” And i can hear him opening the cupboard. Weird… why the sudden? And when i finished with my wishes, opened my eyes and the bf shoved a plastic bag into my hand. Yay another present *spoilt* And it’s a bag.


A bag that i really really want! I’ve always wanted a bucket bag. Saw this when we were shopping before our trip but i didn’t get it. At that time, i was secretly wishing that he would get for me on the spot but he didn’t and i sadly went home LOL. Smart fella got this for my birthday instead! Ok la you passed the test lah. You know me really well 😉 I cried when i saw the bag. Because i used to have one – dad bought it from Africa and it’s brown. It’s simple but unique at the same time because nobody in Malaysia has the same as me. After my working holiday, i went back and look for the bag but it got moldy. My heart broke into a million pieces. Same feeling as losing your pet. So this was a really good surprise! Love the details of the bag. Can’t wait till it’s warmer to bring this baby out to play!

The next morning, after brainstorming on which cafe to go for breakfast (we tried all the cafe here liao) we settled for EAT on Windsor.



The boy had fluffy pancakes served with crispy bacon, fresh banana and maple syrup.


I like savory breakfast! Had the famous hash brown. Description copied from the website : Grated potato, whole see mustard, cheese and onion, combined into a cake. Wrapped in fresh bread crumbs and fried till it is golden and crispy. Served with creamy button mushroom, grilled bacon, fresh tomato salsa and a poached egg.

Mushroom (/)

Bacon (/)

Poached egg (/)

I’m sold!

All the different components taste beautifully individually. When eat it together, you can taste all these different flavours – sweet, sourish and salty. Yums! Portion is huge. Unfortunately it was too heavy for 10am so i ended up doggy bag ’em.

I’m very particular about my coffee and it was so-so. Not the best but not the worst too. It leans on the pricier side for cafe but worth every single cent.

When i arrived home, there was a delivery for me! Smarty pants boyfriend got me roses over the internet tsk. Asked him not to get a huge bouquet anymore coz i feel so reluctant to throw them away when they wilted. Told him next time get me 1 rose can already. At least my heart doesn’t ache as much when i throw it (oopssss)


He insisted that i take pic with my roses.

But seriously, i think they’re beautiful on its own.


The only good thing about living in a very cold area is my flowers can last for a month. I know in Malaysia, my flowers would probably last for days then i have to chuck them away.

Overall i had a fantastic birthday. I felt really special on my birthday. Although the activities are pretty normal but the moment spent together that matters. Now now, this set a very high standard for the next birthday. Seriously, i can feel the pressure to make his birthday equally special now.

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