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by melmonica on January 1st, 2013


Hello people! As much as 31/12 is important, how didja make history on the 1/1?


I had pretty much a day that is so me – simple & lazy wtf haha.


I woke up at sharp 10. Usually I’m awakened by the sound of airplanes wan (got airport nearby) but not this time. Went out from the room a.k.a. garage, the sun was beaming its rays so giddily. Sync-ing to its rhythm, i skipped happily to the toilet wtf.

Baby the pig was still asleep. Did my usual stuffs on the internet – read blogs. All my fav bloggers also didn’t update 1 (because they have a life wtf). As usual, only QQ didn’t disappoint. She always have something for me to read one.

While editing this picture, I was like… let’s edit the colors a bit crazy. And this is the craziest wtf.

Thennnnnnnnnnnn he woke up like after 2 hours. I decided to shower. But he kept pulling me to the bed to manja :X (why am i writing this out wtf)

Yesterday he bought a second hand bicycle for $30 (mad cheap i tell you & he can really bargain lor. salute!) So today he gave it a facelift and even drew some designs on it.

Lunch was great! Had pasta & marinated chicken.

Dessert was pineapples (Super cheap. 1 for $3. Don’t know whether it’s cheap or not in MYR)

China doll once said, “Guys who can cut pineapples are so SEXAY.” So ladies, if you wana pick your man, please get them to cut pineapple. If he successfully cut it, then you’re in good hands 😉

Was lazying around when I thought to myself, “Eh this angle quite cute leh!”

Psst. Does anybody know MSI comes from which country ma?

Then I also wana #actcute

Don’t you just love his puppy dog eyes *melts*


But it was quickly interrupted by the sista!

(Okay la picture was actually taken on our NYE session 1 #cheat)


Dinner was great too! Had homecooked steak (again! yums) & dried/ fried cheesy potato wedges.

Was watching The Ugly Truth when miao missed me hahah.

Jian dengan lajunya showing off the length of his goatee don’t know for what. Movember is over la brother. Haha.

Chatting with him really cracks me up.


Before Video Call

Mel: Wait ah, i go to toilet sin.

Jian: Ok i comb hair first.


During Video Call

Mel: Eh where are you toilet ah?

Jian: No… my room.

Mel: Why your room sound like toilet wan. Thought you pangsai wtf.


And then he told me one of his readers read my blog but commented on his blogpost (tsk) and sounded angry sumore which really freaks me out.

Anyways, I always enjoy chatting with you, miao. Can’t wait for our next session. With kolo mee & teh tarik please (sorry, sudden urge of teh tarik out of nowhere)


Well, despite my so-called very nice life in NZ, I am sometimes frustrated over things that are bothering me wtf. Chatting with you guys are the only way to keep me sane. So please, if you wana catch up, don’t hesitate to be in touch with me via whatsapp/ FB/ Skype. I’m married to my phone one.

Stay in touch on the relevant things la ha. I must warn you first. Topics off limits are Malaysian food. I’m sorry. You can take the girl out of Malaysia but you can’t take Malaysia out of the girl. Sumore I 24/7 hungry 1.

I’m in NZ for almost 6 months and although i keep telling people how much I enjoy my life here/ how much I don’t wana go back, I do miss home actually. I miss being with my friends and family. I MISS SPEAKING GOOD ENGLISH OMG (when you are abroad, you’d notice that actually a lot of nationalities cannot speak proper English one even the angmohs. Our English is actually pretty good wan)

I also miss traveling laa. I’ve been stuck in Motueka for almost 3 months now. And it’s all because of work.

Seriously, i really can’t wait to travel and spend money. I’ve been a good girl for so long, the devil in me just can’t wait to get out and have fun 😉

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