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Social Media: Love them or hate them

by melmonica on August 20th, 2010

I was looking thru my Nuffnang analytics and saw that one of the keywords that leads visitors to my blog is Josephine Ipoh

And so I google and see my blog is in which ranking zzz

And I’m in #9 wtf. Disappointed, I checked out what’s so geng about the first few blogpost *kiasu to the max

Blog #1 & #2 gave Josephine a couple of bad comments.  And Blog #3 gave 50/50 rating.

Here’s some excerpts of what they said:

Blogger #1: Pricey, uncomfortable seats, sky juice will only be provided upon request, and their Fusilli Carbonara (the one I tried) looked normal and not worth it. And their menu is printed on A4 paper.

Blogger #2: Mediocre food, paired with bad service, not a very nice review on the Fusilli Carbonara (again!)

Blogger #3: Main dish disappointing, slow service. Colourful jelly was given to kids.

Which made me re-think of my judgement. Is my standard really low? Cos I said so many nice things about them albeit a little exxy. Then I saw, all these posts were written 18 months ago and I guess, the owner must have read the reviews of these bloggers and improved accordingly.

Cos seriously, we were served sky juice without requesting for it. Nah, give you see picture as a prove zzz.

And the service wasn’t slow at all. They were efficient and friendly.

Come to think again, no wonder la the owner kept asking me why do I take pictures of the interior and food like she was afraid of something. I just replied blandly that I wana post them in website. And she started asking like… why would you post it up? Will people read it? And because my Mandarin is limited I just smiled and nod. Then Ming said maybe she’s just afraid that people will copy her concept and interior design that’s why she asked so much of Qs. But then seriously, there are a whole lot of cafe like this especially in KL lor. You can only stand out by offering appetizing food complement with attentive service.

Maybe cos she was afraid of bad reviews (again) but no sweat Owner of Josephine, I would say, it’s a good place to chill. Though I have not tasted their other dishes well, it’s a reason for going back there isn’t it? So go visit Josephine and let me know if the Cheese cake is nice or not.

On another note, social media is a scary thing for business owners. Screw up one time and the whole world knows about it. Good thing for us consumers cos in the end, we’ll get value-for-money service:)

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  1. Ya that’s true! there are so many shop out there nowadays, the good is you got more choice but the bad is, too many bad than good shop and sometime is good to have someone to review and introduce.

    why should they afraid of the review if they are really running the business sinserely right hehe?

  2. Hello Melmonica. How come I cannot leave a comment at your blog?

  3. At your Penang post.

    “For few years already I didn’t visit Penang. I miss the place and the foods. =)”

  4. Hi Tolanic (gahhh not knowing you guys’ name is killin me!)

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Am not really sure but your comments were under my spam section which is weird cos usually it’ll be under the comments section waiting to be approved.

    Anyway, Penang is really a great place. Do let me know if you’re making a trip:)

  5. nice post. thanks.

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  7. yea the customer and sometimes the owner will stare at us while taking the picture of food. so paiseh getting every head turn to see who this siao woman is.

  8. haha aiwei, i actually get used to it already. i’d just ignore them and concetrate on taking nice picture.

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  10. nuffnang…

  11. i once posted a review on a restaurant located in the city, and not a very positive one. within 24 hours i got an exceedingly scathing reply from their owners, berating me for not knowing enough about European cuisine to review their food. That post has since been taken down out of courtesy, but it definitely affected the way I review food. Nowadays I am diplomatic with my reviews and always pepper them with disclaimers saying that I am no gourmet. Although I always wondered why they took the comments of a foodie with a purportedly bad palate so seriously. Ultimately these are blogs and we are entitled to our own opinions rite? Don’t the consumers decide whether or not they like the product? Rant over okthxbye

  12. Exactly @bapester! Seriously, we are entitled to our own opinion. That’s how dangerous the internet is to their business therefore they got no choice but to buck it up! Have a good day~

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