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Tu Eres Mi Vida

by melmonica on April 16th, 2015


Hello people! I survived the week! Phew, work has been so intense and I almost gave up. Honestly, i don’t think i can survive the week if it’s not for this guy right here.
2015-02-17 11.11.37

Sorry ah pictures today are all unedited coz my phone battery is critically low and I’m in the library with only one power plug here. Either I charge my phone and mobile blog or make do with yellowish pictures here. Contemplating with the phone option but i’m downloading movies. So yes, that’s my priority wtf.

Anyway, this guy here has countless times makes my heart melt, make me go weak in the knee and heart skipped a beat. Let me fill you in on mundane yet precious details of my days.

Last night, I discovered some creases on my uniform. OK so i attempted to iron my clothes on… my bed wtf. Shamefully speaking, I have never ironed my clothes more than 10 times in my entire life. Growing up I always have my mom or grandma to do it #spoiledbrat >.< Inserting funny memories here –> When Ozias was in Malaysia with me, i wanted to impress him and tried ironing his t-shirt. In the end, i created more creases and he saw what I was doing, he went all haiyoh not like that la. And grabbed the iron away. I wanted to cry. Cos i not only failed to impress him but I also made myself looked like a fool. Luckily he still want me la hahaha.

Between the two of us I am the last minute one so 2 hours before my bed time i tried ironing my uniform, only to suddenly have this plastic residue on the shirt. I was horrified and thought die lah i have to tell my boss that i’ve ruined the uniform. And was pretty sure that i’d made to pay for it. Then i very genius tried to scrape the residue out and it worked. I sprinkled some water and scratched it. After 30 mins, i was tired but it was still visible. When the bf came back, I could see the disappointment in his face like why he got so useless gf 1. But all he did was asked me to go to bed and he will settle it for me.

Of course, who am i kidding. How can i sleep at 11pm when my usual bed time is 2am. I tossed and turned, with one ear on alert listening to what the bf is doing in the living room. After a while he came into the room, took his pajamas and showered. When he returned to the room, i felt so happy to be in his arms. Within seconds (i swear) i immediately KO. It’s like having him by my side is a surefire method for me to sleep.

The next morning, I groggily woke up and put the kettle on. Then i saw this.

2015-04-09 05.52.22

OMGGGGG the bf surprised me with breakfast! I was so touched i wanted to cry. Why am i so lucky !!

Cannot dwell in the moment for too long. Have to jump into the shower and wash up.

And that’s part 1 of why my bf is awesome! 🙂


2015-04-10 06.01.27

He also makes my lunch box for work! Haha you must be wondering why do I only eat sandwich. That’s cuz it’s fast and fuss-free! For those who knows me well, i am the slowest and messiest eater ever. I love food too much to eat ’em hastily. So mini sandwich is perfect! Any bigger than that, i’ll make a mess.

2015-04-13 08.47.48

One fine morning, he woke up at 6am making this for breakfast and pack some for my lunch. OMG am i lucky or what? Am i dreaming? Is he really mine?! I believe in relationship you give and take but i’ve been taking so much lately I have to think of things to contribute to this relationship >.<

The bf and i are night owls and for him to wake up early to prepare meals then dropped me off at work and attempt to go back to sleep (he starts work at 11am) is too amazing for words.

The other night, i emo-cried because i was upset that we’re not spending time together. Our schedule is totally opposite. Due to work, I wake up at 5.30am thus I go to bed latest by 11pm. Whereas for him, he finished his work at 10pm. And it’s impossible to catch up on your day in 1 hour time lor! This new lifestyle bothered me a lot but the hours and learning curve is too good. Impossible to say no! But we’re making the best of every single seconds we have 🙂

One of the blessing in disguise is not having TV at home. Instead of being hooked to the idiot box, we get to spend quality time together.

And recently, i watched P.S. I love you the movie and thought it’s a sappy love story. But no lor! It’s about a wife mourning her late husband. Every 5 minutes i’m in tears coz i can’t imagine my life without Ozias. Can’t imagine what i would do if I were Holly in the movie. Next Monday we’re catching The Longest Ride hopefully it’ll sweep me off my feet like how The Vow did! <3


Anyway sayang, thank you so much for all the little efforts and things that you have done for me. Thank you for your patience and kindness and love. Thank you for spoiling me to bits! Keep them coming ya. Haha.


Lots of love.

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