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Siemens Run 2011 with HTC Evo 3D

by melmonica on October 3rd, 2011

After a rocking good time at Aloud Asia Vol #2, the next morning I dragged myself out of the bed for Siemens Run 2011!

Signed up for it after I went for NTV7 Feel Good Run. I managed to accomplish my goal – non-stop running for 7km. So this time, I challenged myself to a non-stop 10km run.

Was anxious to see so many runners! It was my first, big, proper run in KL. Was all pumped up with Evo 3D.

Went with 2 of my very good buddies – Kenny and Leon.

Marathon starts!

What I love about marathon is when you see a sea of people running together with you, you get this adrenaline rush.

Your leg won’t stop running even though the bottom half of your body is tired.

I was running from behind and saw that this girl made a sign saying – It’s my birthday. And I was thinking, why not make a stranger’s day. So I picked up the pace and went over to wish her happy birthday.

After 3km, people start to walk. I on the other hand, was determined to keep running no matter how tough it is. And this run is way challenging than NTV7 run lor. That’s cuz we run by the road which I think it’s a bad idea. Instead of running to be healthy, we were exposed to cars fume, carbon dioxide and there are like… 5 slopes we need to go through.

Can’t believe I ran all the way to KL Sentral. Wan dieeee already that time. But I told myself. Must. Keep. Running.

2 songs kept ringing in my mind – Heart Skipped A Beat by Lenka and Keep Walking or I’ll Kill You by Agnes Kain which I changed the title to Keep Running or I’ll Kill You wtf.

By the 7th km, my left knee was giving me problem. It started from the NTV7 run where after the run, I felt pain in the joint. But this time around, even before I finish the run also it was giving me problem already. I was determined not to walk because I want to reach the finish line saying ‘I successfully ran 10km’ But… after a while, I don’t think it’s a good idea to strain it so I walked with disappointment all the way back to the finish line.

Along the way, to distract myself from dwelling in frustration, I turned to HTC Evo 3D. Tweeted, took pictures, checked-in (to damn a lot of places lor). Thankfully I have the phone with me. If not… I think I’d sob silently wtf.

Saw these girls at the final 1km. Instead of motivating me to go further, it makes me sadder. My upper body is full of spirit and energy to finish but my knee hurts like mad. Even walking hurt really bad.

Think I took like almost 2 hours to finish the run cum walk wtf.

Hazy KL at around 9+am.

Then we went to one of the kopitiam at Petaling Street for breakfast. Had loh mee which was so good. RM5 man wtf. In Sitiawan I can get bigger bowl at the price of RM2.50

And my friend Leon, being Leon 😛

As you can see, Evo 3D kinda saved my life. It is always there when I’m happy, it was there for me when I was sad. HTC phone is designed to understand you. And if you are a non smartphone user, who wants to get a smartphone? Look no further. I recommend you to get HTC Evo 3D. It is an uncomplicated phone which performs best for both work and play (like you know how some people have Blackberry for work and iPhone for play? HTC Evo 3D is 2 in 1).

And you can get this baby in a cheaper price.

Just sign up for a DG Smart Plan™ and you can start socializing like a rock star yet be all in-control at work.

Playing with it has certainly changed my perception of HTC phone. It is the ONE phone that gets me.

I have post HTC Evo 3D syndrome. After I returned the phone, I just can’t get used to the non-sensitive touch screen, no shortcuts to all my favourite apps and my phone is just not intelligent enough to be with me wtf.

Thank you Digi and Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to review the phone. HTC certainly never disappoint. Thanks! 🙂

Note: All pictures are taken with HTC Evo 3D unless stated. No modification, alteration or external color enhancement were done on the pictures (except for filters). What you see is what you get.

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