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DiGi Presents the HTC EVO 3D

by melmonica on October 27th, 2011

Hola. I’m back with another smashing post on DiGi and HTC EVO 3D.

[Scenario 1 – Never leave without a cellphone especially if it’s an EVO]

I am guilty of this. I go everywhere with my cellphone. I can never live without my cellphone. I’d do anything for my cellphone wtf #exaggerating

I bring it to meetings. To pantry. To toilet also.

And when I was given the chance to review this phone, I utilize it to the maximum; I checked-in wherever I go.

I’m more active on Twitter and I get to show off to update people my whereabout wtf i.e. Arthur’s Day, Aloud Asia Vol #2, Suara Kami

And now that I’m back using my lau yah Samsung Corby Pro, I cannot check in cos IT IS NO SMARTPHONE WTF.

So if you ever think of upgrading your gadget, it’s about time to consider getting a HTC EVO 3D with DG Smart Plan ™

You can purchase your baby with DiGi online here. How convenient is that? DiGi is always one step ahead and provide the best customer service.

[Scenario 2 – I got a cool cellphone but I can’t use it wtf]

True story.

This happened when out of the 14 days I was given to sayang this baby, there was 1-2 days (can’t remember) when my line didn’t work.

Not didn’t. Couldn’t work.

And the reason is…. because I didn’t pay my postpaid bill wtf.

It was that time of the month but I forgotten to pay my bills wtf

And boy, did I suffer 2 long days wtf. And amazingly survive

I felt so disconnected – I couldn’t text, make a phone call.

Oh, saw something nice. Wana share it with my friends instantly. But oh ya, I couldn’t twitpic thus whatever I wanted to say is pointless jor because it not real time update.

My ranking in foursquare dropped drastically #kiasu because the network wasn’t working.

Now now, when you have a HTC EVO 3D and your line does not work, you’d ought to know how important DiGi is?

You can avoid this by getting their affordable DG Smart Plan ™ 48.

I know I should have… Learnt my lesson the painful way

And and… did I mention that DiGi has one of the best customer service?

When my phone line was barred, I can actually temporary un-bar it.

But I only get to learn about this service when my line is unbarred wtf.

With DiGi awesome service you get to online 24/7 and maximize the functionality of HTC EVO 3D with no difficulties at all.

Haha… ask those who use different telco how much they suffered during Arthur’s Day.


[Scenario 3 – DiGi and HTC EVO 3D enhances every aspect of your life]

HTC EVO 3D is suitable for people from all walks of life – be it a tech person, stylo mama, active sportsman, corporate powerhouse; it’s a phone for every lifestyle.

As a person who works in a digital agency, I need to be constantly updated with all the trends and latest news.

Imagine that I just saw an awesome ad on Youtube and I want to show my colleague but… your connection lags wtf. So potong stim right?

Well this would not happen if you sign up for DG Smart Plan ™.

And I have to tell you this, HTC EVO 3D has one of the best stereo. Don’t believe? You gotta check out the video recorded with HTC EVO 3D.

I can honestly tell you that there is no phone in the market that comes close as HTC EVO 3D.

Once you go EVO, you’ll never look back.

Sign up for DG Smart Plan ™. Choose the package and the duration you desire and walah, this sexy beauty will be yours.

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