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Concordia Halloween Treat

by melmonica on November 6th, 2011

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Concordia who?

Concordia is now giving out ‘Trick or Treat’ bag to you <3

Concordia Treat or Trick

Boo yah!

For RM25, you get Concordia treat bag.

I was so excited and happy when I received my bag.

I instantly hold it tight, guarding it with my life knowing that there are beautiful pieces kept safely inside.

Now, let’s see what I have here…

Concordia Treat or Trick

Weee… some sweet Halloween candy <3

Om nom nom nom *mouth full

Check out the pretty things from my bag.

Concordia Treat or Trick

Chrysanthemum Spirit

Love this vintage necklace. Goes with almost every outfit. Very versatile yet unique 😉

Concordia Treat or Trick

Deadly vs Angel Stud

Concordia Treat or Trick

Deadly vs Angel Stud

Concordia Treat or Trick

Deadly vs Angel Stud

Pretty  cute right? I love it!

Concordia Treat or Trick

I wore my Concordia love wherever the occasion is. I’d feel naked if I don’t have it on >.<

Here’s me wearing the necklace and 1 gecko stud on my right ear, and on my left is the star cos i’m superstar liddat wtf.

Concordia Treat or Trick

Sealed with kisses.

Due to its popularity, Concordia is extending this awesome promotion. Hurry up and get yours here and do follow them on their Facebook and Twitter!

Be surprised. Be pleasantly surprised by Concordia.

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  1. Ohh~ Love it with the lomo photos, looks matching la!! <3

  2. I love the gecko stud!

  3. wow! got lizard earring!

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