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Camwhoring with HTC Evo 3D

by melmonica on October 1st, 2011

If you read my blog, you would know that I seldom post up pictures of myself. Not cuz I’m shy but it’s just because I love capturing people.

But since I was given HTC Evo 3D for 2 weeks, I tried out the front camera. It’s only 1.3MP fixed focus color camera but I’ll let the pictures do the talking, ey?

#1 – Subway sandwich while waiting for movie. I focused on the sandwhich and you can see the background got slight bokeh <3 <3 <3

#2 – Just came back from Maybelline NY Fashion Week event. Edited with Sephia

#3 – Blurry effect for that sultry look wtf. Edited with cold vintage effect

#4 – Edited with dots effect. Don’t laugh at me ya wtf grrr.

#5 – Edited with warm vintage filter with vignette

#6 – Edited with warm vintage filter.

#7 – Because my B&W picture doesn’t look good so I took a picture of the fan wtf.

OK enough of pretty faces. Come I show you how sharp Evo 3D is. NAH~!

HAHAHAHA disgusting anot! Can see my skin peel from sunburn sumore wahahaha.

Okok. I’ll stop torturing your eyes. Come show you some nice food picture that I took.

#9 – For being a Malaysian!

#10 – Dinner at Sushi Tei

#11 – Dinner at Sushi Tei

#12 – Pan Mee

Funny how I always lug my DSLR around but when I thought of going out for a fancy dinner, I was like… malas laa wana carry that big ass camera. Aiya, got HTC Evo 3D jor ma. Quality pictures from your palm size gadget.

To get this pretty baby, you may pay RM2,200 and eat sand and walk to work for 6 months or you can sign up for DG Smart Plan™ RM48 or RM68 and save so much more! Click here for more info.

PS: Here’s to you who support HTC and Digi! And not forgetting, the lovely Nuffnang team 🙂

Note: All pictures are taken with HTC Evo 3D unless stated. No modification, alteration or external color enhancement were done on the pictures (except for filters). What you see is what you get.

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  1. you got a new skin! 🙂

  2. sigh~ waiting for the day i can afford a camera with good camera quality – so that i don’t have to drag my dslr everywhere I go.

  3. Wonder when will the camera phones be as good as dslr…

  4. no 3D photos gehh….

    damn…hands itchy want get that phone now… >.<

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