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Arthur’s Day with HTC Evo 3D

by melmonica on October 1st, 2011

OMGeee~! As you would have known, concert management usually forbid people from bringing DSLR for whatever reason (nobody has given me a valid reason so imma continue to tulan hrmph)

And thankfully, I had the HTC Evo 3D phone to review when all this fantastic concerts were happening, so it was just right timing. With HTC Evo 3D I can capture those priceless moments.

With its feather-light weight at 170grams (with battery) the 4.3″ display sits perfectly on your palm (even for girls) and damn stylo. The colours on display screen are sharp and vivid with easy navigation and shortcuts.

We arrived just in time for Taio Cruz performance (it’s like he’s waiting for us to arrive baru he performed :P)

HTC Evo 3D camera comes with 5MP resolution – takes picture that surpasses a photo enthusiasts expectation (like me). Just look at how it captured the rays of light.

I even took a video of it. Apologies as it does not do justice to this mega phone as we were standing quite far from the stage plus I have flimsy arms.

Check out the video. You would be impressed by the stereo music quality. It still brings the nostalgic concert energy whenever I play this video.

And also 10,000 apologies as… halfway through recording this video, NOR ELWYN BIN NOR JUNIOR decided to call and ask where am I wtf.

I was a bit tulan but friends come first wtf so went to find him.

By the time I found him, the concert ended wtf. So quickly went back to his car and that’s when the most beautiful fireworks decided to make appearance.

I was so bummed cos I was in the car already arghhh. This is what I only managed to capture from the car.

With a smartphone, you can check-in your location.

I know how a lot of people were complaining about the other telco providers but Digi never disappoint us when it comes to coverage and quality service.

I managed to check-in, check out what are my friends up to via Twitter while the others who are not using Digi sulk in frustration muahahaha *evil laugh

If you are on Digi Prepaid line and you are a heavy online user , get the RM3/day rate with daily quota up to 50MB. Fast internet speed at 384kbps.

Sign up for the plan so you will never be left out when your friends commented on your picture or post up the next big viral video.

Check it out here for more info.

Note: All pictures are taken with HTC Evo 3D unless stated. No modification, alteration or external color enhancement were done on the pictures (except for filters). What you see is what you get.

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  1. Sorry I spoiled your video catching moment.

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