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Uninspired Second Portrait Shoot

by melmonica on September 23rd, 2010

Days before I went off for my Raya hols, met up with the gang for my second portrait shoot.

Am not sure if it’s the location or what but I find it so hard to take the girls’ best side.

Presenting… shit I don’t even know her name wtf.

The sky was so blue on that day. I <3 it!

Presenting… Choco Adeline! Well, that’s her facebook name.

It is quite difficult to shoot cos I don’t know them personally. It was my first time meeting them. And I was a bit ‘paiseh’ wana direct them *hrmph.

I didn’t want to the typical shots. But I know these are the typical pictures from an amateur. Sigh… not their fault also as I was conceptless that time. Just simply shoot and that’s it. Feel bad for wasting the models’ time.

Amat suka ini!!

So uninspired until I change to kit lens zzz.

I really, really need to buck it up and improve. Need to improve lack of editing skill T__T

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  1. nice photos. beautiful models. 🙂

  2. mel u look so good.

  3. and dang wrong person, haha… oh well nice picturs and beautiful models 😛

  4. Raafik: Thanks for the compliment. They were indeed beautiful. Wish I can capture the softer side of them;)

    Shukri: Hey there! Those pictures aren’t me haha!

  5. you don’t know the models ?…. how to get them there !

  6. nice photos… =)
    should take more on it… XD

  7. nice photos! and ur layout is awesome!

  8. im using nikon D90

  9. Wah nice photoshoot..hehe i like it 😀

  10. eerrrr… nice model.. hehehe
    btw.. you can practice in different angle..
    research picture in magazine..
    & i like your layout too, so classic 🙂

  11. JJ: Thanks for the advice =)

  12. nice shoot. awesome!

  13. arrr.. i’m going crazy looking at this!! they r pretty.. and also a nice composition in it.. 😉

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