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Apr 16 15

Tu Eres Mi Vida

by melmonica


Hello people! I survived the week! Phew, work has been so intense and I almost gave up. Honestly, i don’t think i can survive the week if it’s not for this guy right here.
2015-02-17 11.11.37

Sorry ah pictures today are all unedited coz my phone battery is critically low and I’m in the library with only one power plug here. Either I charge my phone and mobile blog or make do with yellowish pictures here. Contemplating with the phone option but i’m downloading movies. So yes, that’s my priority wtf.

Anyway, this guy here has countless times makes my heart melt, make me go weak in the knee and heart skipped a beat. Let me fill you in on mundane yet precious details of my days.

Last night, I discovered some creases on my uniform. OK so i attempted to iron my clothes on… my bed wtf. Shamefully speaking, I have never ironed my clothes more than 10 times in my entire life. Growing up I always have my mom or grandma to do it #spoiledbrat >.< Inserting funny memories here –> When Ozias was in Malaysia with me, i wanted to impress him and tried ironing his t-shirt. In the end, i created more creases and he saw what I was doing, he went all haiyoh not like that la. And grabbed the iron away. I wanted to cry. Cos i not only failed to impress him but I also made myself looked like a fool. Luckily he still want me la hahaha.

Between the two of us I am the last minute one so 2 hours before my bed time i tried ironing my uniform, only to suddenly have this plastic residue on the shirt. I was horrified and thought die lah i have to tell my boss that i’ve ruined the uniform. And was pretty sure that i’d made to pay for it. Then i very genius tried to scrape the residue out and it worked. I sprinkled some water and scratched it. After 30 mins, i was tired but it was still visible. When the bf came back, I could see the disappointment in his face like why he got so useless gf 1. But all he did was asked me to go to bed and he will settle it for me.

Of course, who am i kidding. How can i sleep at 11pm when my usual bed time is 2am. I tossed and turned, with one ear on alert listening to what the bf is doing in the living room. After a while he came into the room, took his pajamas and showered. When he returned to the room, i felt so happy to be in his arms. Within seconds (i swear) i immediately KO. It’s like having him by my side is a surefire method for me to sleep.

The next morning, I groggily woke up and put the kettle on. Then i saw this.

2015-04-09 05.52.22

OMGGGGG the bf surprised me with breakfast! I was so touched i wanted to cry. Why am i so lucky !!

Cannot dwell in the moment for too long. Have to jump into the shower and wash up.

And that’s part 1 of why my bf is awesome! 🙂


2015-04-10 06.01.27

He also makes my lunch box for work! Haha you must be wondering why do I only eat sandwich. That’s cuz it’s fast and fuss-free! For those who knows me well, i am the slowest and messiest eater ever. I love food too much to eat ’em hastily. So mini sandwich is perfect! Any bigger than that, i’ll make a mess.

2015-04-13 08.47.48

One fine morning, he woke up at 6am making this for breakfast and pack some for my lunch. OMG am i lucky or what? Am i dreaming? Is he really mine?! I believe in relationship you give and take but i’ve been taking so much lately I have to think of things to contribute to this relationship >.<

The bf and i are night owls and for him to wake up early to prepare meals then dropped me off at work and attempt to go back to sleep (he starts work at 11am) is too amazing for words.

The other night, i emo-cried because i was upset that we’re not spending time together. Our schedule is totally opposite. Due to work, I wake up at 5.30am thus I go to bed latest by 11pm. Whereas for him, he finished his work at 10pm. And it’s impossible to catch up on your day in 1 hour time lor! This new lifestyle bothered me a lot but the hours and learning curve is too good. Impossible to say no! But we’re making the best of every single seconds we have 🙂

One of the blessing in disguise is not having TV at home. Instead of being hooked to the idiot box, we get to spend quality time together.

And recently, i watched P.S. I love you the movie and thought it’s a sappy love story. But no lor! It’s about a wife mourning her late husband. Every 5 minutes i’m in tears coz i can’t imagine my life without Ozias. Can’t imagine what i would do if I were Holly in the movie. Next Monday we’re catching The Longest Ride hopefully it’ll sweep me off my feet like how The Vow did! <3


Anyway sayang, thank you so much for all the little efforts and things that you have done for me. Thank you for your patience and kindness and love. Thank you for spoiling me to bits! Keep them coming ya. Haha.


Lots of love.

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Apr 1 15


by melmonica


Happiness is

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.56.21

discovering new music <3

Am a little bored with my current playlist. Few weeks ago I was feeling nostalgic so I have a lot of 90s songs i.e. Spice Girls/ Britney Spears etc and now I want more sophisticated genre wtf. Don’t want too boring yet too pumped up. And also I am on a mission to compile a playlist for my up-coming trip! Yes I’m going for a holiday. Haven’t blogged about it hor. Wait ya lemme download some songs from this playlist first before I change to another soundtrack – #TFIOS!

OK this version is pretty cool. Have a listen guys. I am on top of the world. Yeah, music makes me REALLY HAPPY <3


OK #TFIOS soundtrack is surprisingly disappointing. Maybe i’m just not in the mood for mellow music.


Updates about my life. Where do i begin?!


Let’s go for the exciting news 1 first la ok. As I mentioned earlier the boy and I have booked our 2 years anniversary trip to Auckland & Samoa woohoo! We will be having 2 weeks off from the humdrum-ness that we call working life and seek for an adventure outside of South Island. Homaigod I can’t wait to get out of here just cuz the weather has been really depressing and it annoys the shit out of me!


And we are going to watch Backstreet Boys in Vector Arena!


This is such a good coincident because our anniversary is on the 14th May and BSB is performing on the 12th so the appropriate thing to do is go enjoy one-shot right!

Plus the bf has not been to a concert before so all the more reason to go right (and of course fulfilling our childhood dream) I really hope they’d sing more of the old songs than the new ones coz I don’t follow them anymore. Only have memories of them during my teens.

Planning our travels is a little stressful. It takes a substantial amount of effort to be considerate. Ozias and I are two totally different type of people when it comes to planning for a holiday. I am the type of person who work hard & play hard so I do not mind paying extra for a little bit of luxury. But Ozias is the type who sets a budget and then plan accordingly strictly within the budget. To be honest, when we planned & discussed, I wasn’t looking forward and thought the trip would be canceled because the flight alone would cost us $2,000. And the budget is $3,000. I was feeling down, a little depressed in the sense that what’s the point of going for a holiday when you have no money to enjoy? And I haven’t thought of it for a while.

But in the end, the trip is ON! Fortunately for us, the flight tix price dropped and we managed to get the flight tix + BSB tix under $2000. Quite an achievement I’d say. Now left accommodation part nia.




So last week we met up with the Mt. Cook ladies in Dunedin. A much needed getaway from the senior citizen city. It was also the day that I had about 5 hours of sleep & 3 cups of coffee in 24 hours. I was rather quiet on that day coz… oh i had a fight with him. Hrmph.


Anyway, I hate saying goodbye. Meeting them is like breathing in fresh air. Wish we don’t have to say goodbye or separate. Wishing that one day all of us will be living in the same city. Looking forward to freshly brewed coffee from Catherine and yummy fattening desserts from Christine.


On a more personal note, I have been adding more greens in my diet and snacking on fruits as a habit. Trying to be leaner, healthier for the trip. I wana shop for new bikini though i probably gonna wear it like a couple of times a year only 🙁

Also been reading a lot lately. Thanks to him I have my hands on 50 Shades of Grey book. My mind kept making comparisons to the movie and of course the book is so much better. But overall, it’s not the book that I’d hold it dear to my heart. After completing that, I was ready for some Murakami but the bf secretly bought 50 Shades Darker and oh my I could not put the book down. I am taking my time reading it but before I know it, I’m almost the end of the book already *gasp*. Not planning to read 50 Shades Freed so soon. My Murakami is calling me. Plus after that I have to start reading the books that I have in our mini home library.

Ok ending this post with a picture of the bf since we hardly take pics together anymore.


Did a B&W version of this and wanted to put it as my FB Cover Photo but thought it’d be too cheesy. So ok la put in my blog also nice right?

Love this boy very much. When we are happy, we’re at our happiest. I guess the reason why we fought so much last year is because we were learning about each other and the whole compromising thing is a foreign concept to the both of us.

But now at least, we rarely have big fights. And we know that in the most heated argument, deep down we still love each other very much. Love you so much sayang. Looking forward to doing nothing with you in Samoa. Can’t wait for you to be home tonight. See you muacks xx.



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Feb 20 15

Our First Valentine’s

by melmonica

Obligatory Valentine’s post because the boy pressured me to update my blog LOL. Sometimes i feel that he secretly (or shamelessly) likes to read my blogposts about him. Feel like a superstar huh, sayang? 😛

We celebrated a few days earlier because on the 9th is the only day we are free. And we had pre-planned activities for the day.

Started off with tenpura sushi for $1.50/piece and 2 to-go Starbucks cuppa. I ordered Caramel Machiatto but it tasted like Flat White and I don’t take Flat White. Was contemplating of changing it but i drank 1/4 already so i bitterly switched my drink with the bf’s. Felt guilty that he has to drink my shitty drink but since his go-to cuppa is always Flat White then i guess it’s okay?

After that, we went to watch…


My bestie warned me that it isn’t a good Valentine’s movie but i really really wana watch this so just wing it and we both like it very much. I was in awe of how pretty the movie is (pretty in an cinematic artistic sense) and true, there wasn’t a happy ever after but at least it has a happy ending. Not gonna say more but I’d urge you to go watch it!!

After that we went swimming/ chilling at the sauna & hot pool. Chill till we’re hungry and went for dins!

We almost couldn’t make it to our dinner because we arrived at Waxy O’ Shea’s at 8.45pm and the maître d’ had to go into the kitchen and ask the chef if the kitchen is still open. Luckily it was (phew!). If not, all my dressing up and make up efforts are wasted lor. At that time, I doubt other restaurant is still open so last resort is to eat Chinese takeaway from a box T3T

Still, thankful that that didn’t ruin our Valentine’s celebration.

For starters, we had Seafood Chowder.



It came in this huge ass bowl – sort of like the huge bowl used for tomyam soup at home. I was shocked to see how gigantic it is and was a little worried if we could finish it. And even if we could, we would be full and what about our mains then? Anyway, no time for negative thought. Just dig in!

Greedy me gulped a huge spoonful and it burnt my tongue but don’t care. It’s so creamy and delish! As I’m typing, i’m silently swallowing my saliva. Anyway, because of this yummy experience, the bf gasped excitedly whenever he sees seafood chowder in any cafe. Which is like… always. Haha.

Then came our mains.


The boy chose pork belly. 2015-02-09-21-39-47_deco_1

While i had the Surf & Turf.

In the end, we only finished the meat then doggy-bagged the rest. YES! LEFTOVER! I love leftover food!

Throughout the night, I sneakily asked about my presents. In the past, I was always good at finding loop hole until my ex would reluctantly spill the beans. But with Ozias leh… he is very smart at dodging the question. He is so good at changing topic i can’t even. He will keep avoiding answering my questions but i have the patience to repeat till I get what I want. And he came up with a ridiculous answer which was pfft.

After dinner & grocery, I continued asking him about my present.

Him: Neh the Loreal serum I bought you just now.

Me: Hah my present is only $20 ah?

Him: Wahhhhhhhh (in disbelief that I would say such thing)

Me: Hahaha no la kidding la.

Him: You sad ah your present so cheap?

Me: No la. I’ve always wanted it anyway… so thanks!


Then he asked me to boil the water. I begrudgingly do it while sighing “Haih, come back home still need to kerja (boil water)”

And I heard a very loud thump in the bedroom. And walah!


My prezzies!!!

I squealed in delight but what made me super excited was the book. 50 Shades of Grey book! I asked him why he got me the pillow and his replied, “Because few weeks ago you complained about neck pain so bought you this.” Aww…. melt <3

Umm, wasn’t so happy with the chocs as i’m trying to be in shape BUT I’LL STILL TAKE IT! 😀

A close-up of the chocs.


It’s from The Seriously Good Chocolate Company!!! A couple of weeks ago we went there and check out the coffee but good job bf for thinking ahead of time and got me this. Haha.


The inside – only 9 pieces?! Why so luxurious 1?! I’m hesitant to eat it already. Can i keep it forever?



On the 14th, we popped this open. Although not my fav but still good enough. On the night itself he gave me a small card and i wrote him a letter to fulfill our “gift exchange” ritual LOL.


Now, you must be wondering where’s my present to him right? I am embarrassed to announce that… it is still in progress. I made this something something that requires me to be attentive and detailed oriented. It is so delicate that… it is a really time-consuming project. I reckon it will take another 60 hours to complete. From my rough estimation, a vertical line takes an hour to complete. Huge project with very fine details. Can’t reveal more. I promised the bf to claim it on the 14th March. Fingers crossed it will be done by then la hor.


Okies, thanks for reading. Hope you guys had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your other half and Happy CNY y’all!






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Feb 12 15

No More Dunedin For Us

by melmonica


2 Mondays ago, the bf and I made an impromptu decision to go to Dunedin. What to do there? Eat lah! 😀 Plus we’ve been there during winter & spring. So must also go there during summer time so that… i can do fashion show there wtf.


I had a hankering for dimsum so we went to Sichuan 88 at Mornington.


The bf decided to be adventurous and wanted to try the Egg Chee Cheong Fun. I was leaning towards the shrimp one but nevermind lah sayang him so let him order this. We limited ourselves to only 5 plates so that we have room for more food hehe.

And the other 4 plates are… in my tummy wtf. Too ravenous to bother letting my camera eat first. It’s my trip, i eat first!

Total damage was about $25 if i’m not mistaken. So cheap leh!



We went a walk around town and it started drizzling. Absolute good day to wear maxi dress, no?

We went to the museum to seek shelter.

Him: We came here before!

Her: I know. But they change their exhibition every month one. So it’s new.


I was wrong. Sigh. But they had an insect exhibition and i don’t remember visiting it the other time so in, boy! Entertained ourselves with useless facts and the countless varieties of insects then headed to the top floor to see the Island heritage.

The bf and i are planning to go to Samoa for our 2nd year anniversary so we went and got familiarized ourselves with the Samoan heritage. The outcome: Samoa/ Fiji/ Cook Island/ Tonga – all also lookalike and similar one.

I’m kinda excited for the trip as I’ve been to the South Pacific in 2013 and enjoyed the beautiful scenery extensively. So happy that this time i get to enjoy it with him <3


Okay back to Dunedin.

We were feeling for a quick snack but don’t know what to have. Walked past this ice cream store which had a beeline of students so we decided to check it out. Had boysenberry (very NZ) and frozen yogurt (act healthy) but nah… taste absolutely ordinary.

One hand tugging my dress, the other juggling my melting ice cream is no easy feat. Sumore i’m so clumsy that i had my nose dipped into the ice cream a couple of times. A bit embarrassing but as my usual antics i’ll just laugh it off.


Then… we googled best coffee in Dunedin. Answer : The Good Oil Cafe. We were there at 3.45 pm and they told us that the kitchen is closed. Ok fine coz i’m just here to have my cuppa.


Trim Cappuccino for him.

Trim Mocha for her.

At 4pm, they locked the 2nd door, people slowly making their way out and they started to do closing. Gahhhhh! Obviously i wasn’t so happy that I had to hastily drink my coffee. Can’t a girl who traveled for 3 hours drink her coffee in peace? Working in F&B line i understand their predicament. So nevermind la. Give you face!

The verdict: True to the reviews, the coffee was great! Can rival the one at Vudu Cafe, Queenstown. Would have put them above Vudu if they had just let me enjoy my coffee. Hrmph.


After that, we went to watch The Imitation Game and it was mediocre for me. With all due respect, the previous week, I watched Unbroken which was brilliant and to (unfairly) compare them both, hence the average point for it.


After that we went for Japs coz we haven’t tried Japs in Dunedin before. Googled for the best one wtf and decided on Tokyo Garden Restaurant. Saw a group of Japs and thought ok lah should be good right?

Umm, it was a missed wtf. Food was too average for the exorbitant price. I would rather have Chopstick 101 anytime. At 8.45pm I wanted to tapau bubble milk tea but the restaurant is closed wtf. Seriously, living in NZ ah. On Monday nights, restaurant etc closed early one. Needless to say, I went home with a broken heart 🙁


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Jan 21 15

I’m Confused

by melmonica


Heya, how are you guys doing? Today’s post is nothing special, just a rant about something. Lately i’ve been toying with the idea of going back home for a short break (3 weeks) for a couple of reasons.

1) For my bestie’s wedding & my 2 besties’s baby.

2) To see my grandma.

3) To visit my family & friends.


Allocate 1 week each. Fair enough, no?


What’s stopping me is obviously, it’s too much money for a 3 week break. Plus if i were to successfully get a new job that pays a lot, it’s not cool (and unwise) to walk away from a pool of money. But i’m the type of person who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice something on my end to put a smile on the people i care face. I know my bestie, my grandma and family would be thrilled to see me. How now brown cow?


Since I would be coming home May 2016, it would be wiser to save the money and spend them all at one go wtf rather than going back home now with pennies and come back to NZ broke. Sigh, dilemma. The vanity in me is desperate for a hair makeover, facials, proper eyebrow trimming and massage wtf.


Yay/ Nay to home? Lemme know guys!


On another hand, i’m not sure what to do with my Nikon D5000 camera. I am still into photography albeit the lack of usage except for my mobile phone camera. Part of me wants to sell it and get a new, lighter camera with more advance features coz D5000 technology is so obsolete liao 🙁 But another part of me is reluctant to do anything with it coz it was a gift from my parent’s for my graduation and it holds so much precious memories. It is heartbreaking to see it collecting dust on the shelf but i has no kaki photography/ hipster here. Bf hates being photographed so… 🙁


Oh wow, I’m in the library sitting with my back facing the floor-to-ceiling window. And there was a group of boys knocking on the windows loudly clearly disturbing a girl who is sitting facing the window. Two librarians came to check out the commotion and I overheard them saying that if the boys were to disturb us again, they would call the cops. Wow, the librarian takes their job so seriously huh although the patrons did not file a complain. And i guess this isn’t their first case coz they said when a phone call is made, the police will arrive immediately. And bear in mind, this is no life-threatening case whatsoever, it’s just a case of mischievous kids making a 20-second scene. Still, the police takes every matter seriously. Kudos to them. If Malaysian police ahh… in the event of a snatch thief affair, don’t bother calling the authorities coz all they’d do is just fill in a report form and… that’s it! No actions taken except for producing your new ID etc.


Phew! Such a wordy post! Sorry for not being visually pleasant. There are a couple of nice pics on my phone that i am just too lazy to bluetooth it to my comp. Thanks for reading, peeps!

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Jan 15 15

Hella Good Pizza

by melmonica


We’re in the second week of the year, how is 2015 treating you so far? Yesterday (14/1) was our 20 monthsary *gasp* and i was like wtf 4 more months to 2 years already? 2 years with this dude?! Tsk 😛

Last year i promised the boy to treat him makan Hell Pizza when i got a job but i didn’t have the chance to do it until now. In the end, he footed the bill *tsk* coz my wages wasn’t in at that time.

I let the boy picked the type of pizza he wanted with one condition – I choose the spiciness level.

He picked the Seafood pizza *cringed*and I was feeling naughty (and spiced) so I picked extremely spicy:P

This is the unhealthiest breakfast we’ve ever had. While we were busy shamelessly digging in in Queens Park, we were surrounded by joggers and cyclist. Whatevs. Eat and be happy right?! 😀

I was so intrigued with the graphic, i didn’t realized that it forms the number 666 which is the number of beast.


Our $18.50, 12.5 inch “Underworld” pizza. Loaded with smoked mussel, crumbed calamari, shrimps and garlic pepper. It was so yums that my first bite literally brought me to tears… because i bit into a chili T.T

I love my spicy food so it was an addictive feeling. Every bite gives me a pleasurable sensation that eventually leave us with numb tongue and red lips. I’m salivating as i’m typing & reminiscing that syiok feeling.

Oh, coffee is from The Seriously Good Chocolate Company. Nothing to shout about but my Mocha tasted pretty similar to the mocha i had in Vudu Cafe, QT which i suspect maybe they use the same coffee bean.

After my first bite with the cili padi scenario, the boy and i started picking out all the chili from the pizza that they so generously gave.

Look at that! Siao right?

Sayang’s first word when he had his first bite was, “WAH HOT AS HELL!”

Thus i’m glad that it did not disappoint. Living in a western country, many times i have asked for extremely spicy food but it was bland. There was once an Asian customer asked what is the spiciest sauce in Subway and i answered “Sweet Chili”. I know how she feels 🙁

Would i go in and order “Hot As Hell” again? Unfortunately no. Look at the amount of cili we wasted. Should have brought home and make full use of it wtf coz in here, a pack of 5 chilies is $8-10.

After the torturing but oh-so-satisfying meal, i’m so looking forward to my toilet time. Haha.


After makan kenyang, we noticed the perforated outline on the pizza box and sayang started tearing and folded it and it then formed into a coffin. How creative is that?!


The boy kept gushing and was so mesmerized by this like a kid LOL. I then explain to him the process of designing and producing it. Can see stars in his eyes LOL. Made him take pics with it also LOL.


My turn! <3


Initially i thought the coffin box is just a gimmick but it’s actually to keep your leftover pizza. How clever is that?! Sumore the graphic is so apt.

On the way home, i thank him for treating and he gave me a puzzled look, “What?! Next time your turn to belanja la. You promise already right?!”

Haha okok. Nak makan cakap la. Tak yah nak buat alasan 😛


Hell Pizza has certainly spoil my taste buds. I’m never going to go for Domino’s and Pizza Hut anymore. Check out their extensive menu of pizzas and sides here. And no, i’m not paid by them to write this haha. Not qualified also lah.



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Dec 31 14

2014 – In Retrospect

by melmonica


2014, is by far the most uneventful year in my 20s. However, as unexciting as this year may be, it is also the year that I mature the most as a person. 2012 – 2013 was the most fun just because it was my soul-searching year and I was constantly experimenting and gathering all these different things and experience which led to the person that I am today.

This year I focus more on building my relationship with my boyfriend by moving in with him. It was hard in the beginning and I sometimes questioned if I made the right choice. As times passed and after several huge fights, we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so glad that right now we are at the stage where we can finally talk it out in a non-judgmental way.

Career-wise, I’ve only worked for a short 4 months *gasp*. Some people may see it as a luxury but it’s not a fun thing at all, really. Since I had a lot of free time, I channel them into reflecting about the person that I am, the person that I aspire to be and the person I want to be remembered as. I read a lot, planned out my short term and long term goal and ready to put ‘em into action.

My philosophy is: You owe it to yourself to be the best person you can possibly be. You also owe it to yourself to be the happiest you can ever be and that you should always surround yourself in happiness. Which also meant not listening/ caring too much of what other people says.

Also i think i’ve said this a couple of times on my blog but always believe in yourself amidst adversity. I know it’s easier said than done. I’ve been there, done that during my WH days – being in a foreign country not knowing a single soul, not having that comfort zone and security blanket that most of us take for granted. Anyway, those times were a really good life lesson. When you are placed in a situation where you have to literally stand on your own two feet, trust me you will discover some hidden talents/ personality that you never knew you have. Like the saying goes, “You’ll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Physically, currently I am living with the result of 2 Starbucks Frapp/day x 5 months worth of fat. I have this unsightly loose fat around my abdomen that I can’t seem to get rid of. Tbh, I didn’t do anything intensive to get rid of it but I have cut down my intake of carbohydrate + minimal amount of exercise i.e. cycling but to no avail. I absolutely detest doing sit-ups but unfortunately, no pain no gain right? And as I said earlier, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself so I have all the right in the world to have a banging body. I’ve said it countless time on my blog but I seriously gotta take the first step to do a bit of exercise. Maybe I should just start twice a week and move up from there.

Ok. New Year’s resolution.


  • Start exercising.
  • Eat healthier
  • Practice my English more by updating more frequently
  • And swear lesser. You have no idea how often i eff here and there *shameful*



Best of 2014



Soul-searching aside, there were some terrific events happened this year.

In Feb, my bestie got married and the 5 of us were reunited like before again 🙂


It was such a lovely ceremony. Wish i could relive those moments with my best friends again <3

While I move to Invercargill, I had the opportunity to go for road trips with Ozias from Riverton to Dunedin to Queenstown to Wanaka and we had tones of fun discovering our fav Asian eatery and café. The best thing about having Ozias is that we’ll always have each other’s back especially during our most emo/ vulnerable days. We both miss Malaysia terribly, him – the food, me – the freedom LOL but we just gotta put our heads down and do what we intend to do here in the first place before going home and enjoy the fruits of our labour. (What labour la I’m talking about since I’m the one who only worked for 4 months this year sigh)

Other than that, 2 of my girlfriends got pregnant and Yuha delivered a beautiful baby girl. Now, waiting for Nem to pop in Feb! Plus my best friend Bra tied the knot this year and the wedding reception is May. So many exciting news and fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make it. Wouldn’t wana miss it for the world.


Anyway, I am grateful for these blogs that had helped shaped my perspective of the world and inspired me.


Hui Fen is a Singaporean who used to work in Nuffnang SG. She is currently on a journey to be a yoga teacher in India. Her recent posts are more philosophical and the things that she learned during her yoga training are so apt. I could go on and on but do read her blog and hope that she inspires you as much as she did to me 🙂


A Malaysian girl living the fashion world dream. I love reading her blog and her dayre when she was studying in NYC. She’s my go-to fashion and beauty blog coz we both were in the same situation – Asian girl in a seasonal country. The harsh winter especially makes your skin go cray cray. Most of the products here are not Asian skin friendly (obviously) and I don’t want to spend a fortune experimenting with the products. So obviously she’s been there/ done that before so I trust her words *thumbs up*


Another Singaporean who did the whole eat/pray/love/ soul-searching thing a couple of months back in Melbourne and she encapsulated her journey very beautifully. Her writing could be emo at times. I reckon if she had met me during my emo/ rebellion phase, we would be best friend.

I guess, that’s about it. The blogs that inspired me the most. I read tones of them but those 3 are the ones that have the biggest impact on me.


Before I pen off, I would like to thank my boyfriend for always being there supporting me during my most emo and difficult times. I wouldn’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met him. And I hope that 2015 would be the year for us to solidify the foundation that we have built.


I’m also grateful for my friends back at home, who have always been supportive and loving me although I’m so far away. I am thankful that I have this group of close friends that I can always come back to and we would hang out like I’ve never left. I am working really hard to come home next year to see y’all so let’s hope for the best!


Unfortunately, my family is not doing so well this year. It seems that we are drifting apart even further – not sure if it’s because of the distance and the frequency (or lack thereof) of communication but I’m just hoping that if I get to go home next year, things would be better. I’m not ready to talk about it on my blog so maybe when I’m ready it will all just flow.


Here’s to another fantastic year for you guys. Do share with me your new year resolution and tips on losing belly fats haha. It would be great if we can spread more love everywhere this year.


Signing off 2014, see you 2015!



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Dec 23 14

24 hours to go… X’mas 2014

by melmonica


Sigh. There are tonnes of things that I want to pen down but i have 45 minutes till the library closes and I don’t want to write a half-assed post. The narcissistic (wow i just spelled the word out without having to depend on auto-correct *clap*) bf expects me to write about him in my blog hahaha but cannot la sayang, not enough time to craft something nice about you 😛


OK. This is totally useless and rubbish but i still wana document it here.


Last Thursday I had the day off and as usual I’ll wake up at 10am together with the boyfriend – manja, listening to his poop drops and keep hugging until it’s time to really go to work. Had cereals after he left and then golek on the bed. Tried to resume my reading but I feel too drained to process anything. I was mentally crafting my blogpost with a lot of mambo jambo words that I want to use but now forgotten what was it already *boo*. Psst, there’s a research stating that people are often creative when they are tired/ lying down  on the bed.


Anyway, point of the story is i golek until drifted off to sleep which is presumably at 12 noon. Woke up about 2-something to pee and went back to bed. My body is complaining about hunger but I was too tired to make food. So i slept the hunger off and next thing I know I woke up with my phone stating 5.43pm.



I feel so sai-leh with this accomplishment. This is a total luxury that a lot of people my age wouldn’t have. I feel guilty but boy it feels so good! Don’t care la. Pampered my body with some rest is no sin right? 😛


Gahhh feel so tempted to write about my Wanaka trip last week but I haven’t edited the pics so… till next time lah. Haha.


Ok so what’s coming up next are our Wanaka trip and the first hitchhiker we picked up (finally!!), my experience hanging out with a group of Israelis and Christmas!! How i wish it’s X’mas tomorrow! The bf and I agreed to get each other something with a budget of $50. Not easy lah but i managed to get him something cool and it’ll die if it’s opened too late so sigh… another 24 hours to go. Present, stay strong. Don’t die ya!!

Sigh since this is just gibberish i might as well go home and complete his X’mas present la.


Wishing you guys the loveliest and merriest X’mas with your loved ones and remember ’tis the season to give so please take a little time to do something nice <3


See you soon with a proper blogpost. Keeping fingers crossed

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Dec 5 14

Lots of Verbal Diarrhea but Worth Reading wtf

by melmonica


Okay i have exactly 45 minutes before the library closes so imma make this post short and snappy!


I’ve been reading a lot lately till i nearly get sick of it. But i’m proud to announce that i have read a grand total of 12 books this year! Last year i stopped at 8, can’t wait to put a number for 2015!

Was rushing through the last bit of 1Q84 and when it finished, i was exhausted and had a nap. And weirdly enough, i dreamt about 1Q84 – was in the scene with Tengo looking at the two moon and i was determined to help him look for Aomame. Can’t wait to read 1Q84 Book 3! I hope Tengo and Aomame reunites. If so, this would be the most twisted love story i have ever read.

Also, i’ve been ‘acting’ slim LOL.

Evidently, here. HAHAHA.

Had to deliberately suck it in to give you an illusion of a fake perfect abs LOL.

No la, true story is I bought this sweater for $10 (jackpot!!) and wasn’t sure if my outfit match or not. Since my place does not have a full-length mirror so i had the bf take pics of me wtf. Duno what pose to do so show my fake flat tummy. Also, this picture serves as an inspiration/ motivation for me to do more exercise. As if.

Since i’m such an ass when it comes to exercise, i resolve to eating less! And my body has started showing clear result. My bowel movement is more regular (which is a big deal for me coz as i kid i hate pooing so i only go like thrice a week wtf #tmi. Also, i lost weight. Not much la. Like 2-3kg (don’t yell at me). I know i’m skinny bla bla and that i should be eating more bla bla. But the more i eat, the more my tummy expands. It is sad that the fats would not go to other areas like my face or arms. It just sits at the ugliest and also the most hated part of my body. Sigh.

However, as bony as i have been, i come to secretly love it wtf (please don’t scream or bombard me with whatsapp messages after this). I love how sharp my chin is, i love how my cheekbones are very obvious, also secretly love the bony arms. To be honest, it sort of has that anorexic-like model look but i’m no anorexic i can assure you. I just eat smaller portion, eliminate fried food and sugar at all cost (except for that occasional indulgence. But that is like once in a fortnight) I don’t have any severe body or weight issues. I just wana lose my flabby tummy. But since i’m too lazy to exercise regularly, i reckon might as well control the size level right. Don’t let it expand until too big until it is 10 times harder for me to work on it.

Anyway, body issue aside, can i stress how much i love Spotify?

Been listening to a lot of BEP and i can’t get enough of Just Can’t Get Enough wtf.

Not in the mood of Kanye West but maybe just this time. Layan jer.


My recent addiction –> Two Dots

It’s a simple, aesthetically pleasing game (kinda like candy crush) that requires lots of strategize-ing. Though the app loads horribly slow but it is worth the wait wtf. Come i show you how the app looks like 🙂

The home page.

The beginner level.

So cute kan?! It has up to level #135 and i’ll be bummed when my game is over T3T.

Whenever I play the game, my heart beats really fast and i unconsciously hold my breathe coz i’m kiasu like that. Busy strategizing and wana level up fast fast wtf.

Sigh, whoever who creates this game has my utmost respect in design. But seriously, they should hire a talented programmer to make the game lighter –> loads faster. Luckily it’s visually appealing if not i wouldn’t have the patience to play this game wtf. My patience is reserved for pretty things wtf.

I feel like this game increases my IQ. I feel smarter every time i finish playing this game wtf.  Since my work is brainless and so is my every day life, i should do something to enhance my IQ level/ knowledge right. Just because your life and work is moving on a straight line doesn’t mean your personal life progression should be stagnant.

Shit I googled ‘Self Actualization’ and there’s a test on it. Can’t click on it coz time’s up. Library is closing.

Talk to you guys later. Have a rocking good weekend! Toodles <3



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Nov 24 14

My first dental experience in NZ

by melmonica


Wah must blog about this coz don’t think imma wana experience this again wtf.


So it was one of those days in September, after work, I was unwinding with TBBT and snacking on some wheat crackers (try to act healthy). In the midst of happily munching them suddenly i felt some hard pieces in my mouth. I immediately thought of stones in the crackers? Cannot be right. Spit it out and homaigod what looks like a half broken tooth. Ran my tongue around and confirmed that i have a broken tooth.

Sighed heavily coz i know how ridiculously pricey it is to fix your teeth in NZ. Sumore that time i just started working so there goes my pay check.

When sayang came back, he suggested that i make an appointment with Dr. Leonard Chia at ToothWorks. If you are wondering, yes he is a Malaysian 🙂

I reluctantly made the appointment and the nearest date available is 6 weeks later. Ok la on la i confirmed the appointment anyway though it doesn’t hurt at all. It just annoys the crap out of me when food gets stuck in my teeth.

Come that 6 weeks later in November 12 (that fateful day) I went in with my heart at the bottom of my feet wtf. I was dreading it not coz i was scared. If anything, I love visiting dentist actually. The regular visit to the dentist during my orthodontic years made me love dentist visit. I was always looking forward to different braces colours and super love the feeling of clean teeth. Sure scaling hurts like a bitch but the pain is so worth it.

Anyway, why i was dreading on this dental visit coz i have a regular dentist at home which i have been visiting for years. To be exact almost 10 years. So i have never let another dentist fix my teeth before and i had my doubts. Out of habit, I scheduled my appointment first thing in the morning and went in with a half-washed face. I purposely dressed very humbly that morning to give the dentist an impression that i am poor. I wore my worn-out sports shoe and burnt holey hoodie wtf. Even instructed sayang not to play with my S4 while he waits for me but can bring out his iPhone 4 out LOL.

So when we arrived, I was asked to fill in the form. I was nervous at this point. The lobby look so posh and sparkly. I was worried for my wallet too wtf. Sayang was looking at the photos of all the dentists hanging at the waiting hall and exclaimed (a little too loudly), “Dr Leonard very handsome!”. I was in my own world filling out the forms when sayang said, “Dr. Leonard Chia?”. I was like,”What’s with Dr. Leonard again?”. Looked up and saw that Dr. Leonard was actually standing in front of us. Don’t know why my auto-reflex was to stand up and shake hand with him. I extended my hand for a handshake, he had this weird look on his face but shook my hand anyway. He then led me into the surgical room.

Ok so in NZ the dentist is the one that welcomes you. In Malaysia, it’s usually the nurse/ assistant.

I went in and he gestured me to sit at the patient chair. Now in Malaysia, out of habit, i will straightaway lie down on the chair. But here, when I was about to lie down, Dr. Leonard asked me some questions so i had to sit back up. I am such an embarrassment i tell you.

After answering some questions about my allergies, medication, health history then i was gestured to lie down. And you know what i saw?! A gigantic flat screen TV hanging on the ceiling strategically placed for the patient to enjoy. I was instantly hypnotized and let myself enthralled with the music videos that was playing. Dr. Leonard asked some questions about our background etc while he was numbing my gum. My eyes were literally fixate on the TV screen and i didn’t even bother to look at the equipment/ procedures Dr. Leonard was doing. He even had to ask me twice if i was okay coz i didn’t answer his question. Shows how TV can really capture someone’s attention, huh?

Anyway, the tooth extraction operation was done professionally and quickly too. 20 minutes to be exact. To be honest, i was kinda bummed that it was such a quick procedure coz i was feeling rather comfy in the chair hahaha. In Malaysia, if you get your teeth extracted, the dentist will bao ga liao (do everything from scaling to extracting your teeth) So i was disappointed that scaling was not included in the procedure. Of course, i would get it if i requested  but that would be an additional cost to my already heart-aching-don’t-dare-to-see tooth extraction fee.

The operation was done painlessly and from time to time Dr. Leonard showed genuine signs of concern (I think all NZ health practitioner are trained to be like that unlike Malaysia’s sigh) Before I leave the room, he gave some guidance on the aftermath (coz i’m terrified of pain. I have great threshold of pain but i’d like to minimize it as much as i can, given the chance). Oh he even showed me my tooth and asked if I’d would like to keep it. My immediate thought was to keep it under my pillow for moneh but that is childish. Then I was wondering if it’s instagram-worthy or not. It looks disgusting so I gave him my permission to keep it wtf.

At home, sayang kept doing things for me and treated me like a princess and i thought, “can’t wait when i get pregnant then everything will be delivered to me on a silver platter”. In the evening, we tapau-ed food from Noodle Canteen and drove past Dr. Leonard in the city. At that time, i had the chance to properly look at him (without the anxiety shit) and boy, i gotta say he is quite good looking.

So, if you’re wondering how he looks like, look no further. I’ve taken the liberty to paste his picture here, credit to ToothWorks website.

Lengchai or not? Now go re-read this post with his face attached see got difference or not.

Looking back, I should have asked him more about his life in Invercargill. Coz at Subway, i mati mati wana meet a Malaysian but didn’t have the chance to. But now i’ve missed the chance liao 🙁

Le sigh. Why doesn’t any Malaysian in Invercargill visit another Malaysian in Subway? Maybe I should advertise a meet and greet wtf.

In the end, the total bill was $170. Very steep compared to Malaysia’s tooth extraction fee but it is still reasonable if compared with the other dentist services in NZ. For whatever reasons, i still keep the receipt. Clearly, there’s no sentimental value attached to it, maybe just a reminder on that fateful day – that one and only day i have my encounter with another Malaysian in Invercargill.


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