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My Fav Songs (at the moment)

by melmonica on November 25th, 2013


Thanks to Spotify, i’m discovering more cool songs! I actually took a while to join Spotify bandwagon just cuz i think I’m too cool to be mainstream wtf. But as y’all know, i’m all about discovering new songs and so I just have to check it out what’s the fuss is it about! And true enough, i fell in love with the app immediately.


Now, *drumroll* for my fav songs (at the moment)


1. Bravado by Lorde

I super adore Lorde. Am so in love with Royals. So in love with her unique voice.


2. Closer by Kings of Leon

It’s Kings of Leon. How can you not love them?!!


3. Be Yourself by Audioslave

Same thing. It’s Audioslave leh!!!


4. Someday by Elliott Yamin

This song actually Soundhound-ed while I was working wtf.


5. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Addictive. B&W MV. How not to love laaa!


6. Called Out In the Dark by Snow Patrol

I think the music video is a lil annoying but so-oh love the song!


7. Miles Away by Years Around the Sun

Perfect chillin’ in song.


8. Every songs by Alexi Murdoch

Check him out if you don’t know him. NO!! Check out “Through The Dark” first!!


9. Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars


Anyway, my kinda songs are all slow mo, depressing/ sad. My go-to songs on Spotify are songs for 1) rainy day 2) relaxation 3) sunset 4) coffee house.


Today is Monday – 25/11/13. Officially another 15 days to go woohoo! I know. I’m a #countdownwhore. I am really really excited to see my bf!! Can you imagine? We have not seen each other for 6.5 months. That’s a crazy way to start a relationship lor! I really can’t wait to do everything from having our first meal together to celebrating our 7 months-anniversary to our first X’mas and NYE together and exploring our dearest country together. Our first major roadtrip yo!


Still remember our first meal together after a gaziliion years apart was at a breakfast joint and I ordered omelette. When my meal arrived I savoured each and every bite of it cos I suffered 4 weeks without eggs wtf.

New Zealand’s version of a hot chocolate. Super love marshmallow on my hot choc. And look at the amount of choc powder! Imma do that for my Starbucks customers as well. Heheh.


After that we were separated for 2 weeks before I fly to Invercargill to officially be with him wtf. And our first meal together was Burger King. I know!! It sounds so un-romantic but it was actually. Take away and makan in the hotel room and sat on his lap sumore. Aih… the memories. The love!! I so can’t wait for our first meal together again lor. Kept asking him, “Eh what d’ya think our first meal will be ah? Can we have lok lok since you’ll be arriving 1am liddat” Starting to plan my “welcome him back” outfit, travel outfit etc. My bed is filled with all my clothes but I gotta pack all of ’em up cos dad is coming home soon.


Yay, family reunion soon. So can’t wait for BBQ Plaza with the familia. The usual Newton’s tradition.


Okla gotta sleep d. 2.15am. Day off tomorrow. So trip planning continues. Woohoo!!!





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