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The Devil Inside Review

by melmonica on February 29th, 2012

I don’t usually do this whole review movie thingy but I’m a horror movie freak and this is definitely going to be something special cos it’s 11.47pm and being an auntie, I’m sacrificing my sleep just to say something stupid about this movie wtf.


Being a horror movie junkie, I was so excited to watch this movie as the last horror movie i’ve watched was… Paranormal Activity 3. Anyway, I’m sure you guys would have seen the trailer right? By watching it, you more or less would know what was going to happen. I’m not going to spoil it all by telling you what happened in the movie. If you want spoiler, please read Tony’s review.


All I can say is, it is pretty predictable from the trailer. But that’s just the 1/3 of the whole storyline. There’s more to it *nyek nyek nyek. If you are unsure whether to watch this movie or not, I suggest to go watch it because it is not as scary as the poster/ trailer portrayed. I would say… it is about 30% less scarier than Paranormal Activity 3. Even Chee Ching survived and so can you!


Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say about this movie. They make it look pretty real that after you come out from the cinema, you kinda ‘believe’ that this shit is real.


Being a person who learns by observing, when I was driving home after the movie, the last scenes was playing through my mind. I was imagining myself as Michael (the person who drove the car) and scenes kept playing in my mind like nobody’s business. Then I imagined myself as Maria Rossi for the multiple personalities that she portrays. I didn’t talk to myself la wtf but I felt like another person when I was driving back home. But I got home safely. And here I am blogging wtf.


On a unrelated note, girls… if that time of the month is reaching, go exercise or cycle cos… you feel no pain when it comes wtf. Seriously, I feel so liberated and happy that my period comes happily wtf that sounds totally wrong.


Anyway, I don’t make sense anymore so I gotta sleep. Night!

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  1. If it’s not scary, that means not nice la is it? :/

  2. yeeeer.. you can drive home after watching a scary movie? I remembered last time I watched Dark Water, I dare not go to the loo for ages!!

    • Omgosh I was like that as well. After I watched Dark Water, I dare not close my eyes when I shower for fear that it will appear out of nowhere.

  3. The trailer really freaks me out that I don’t even dare to join this movie screening lo! :O

  4. Hate horror…but the trailer looks nice! Anyway, really eh, exercising before menstrual will help in pain…i shall try.

    • Yeah trailer looks scary but trust me, the scariest part are all out already.

      Yup, surprisingly it helps and my period is happy wtf.

  5. LOL as though i spoil movies without tags! the film’s 100% less scarier than paranormal to me

  6. i rarely watch this type of horror movie because most of the time i covered my eyes during the movie! LOL! =P

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