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Altitude Movie Review

by melmonica on October 28th, 2010



Wtf. wtf. wtf.

Can I say it over and over again?

First of all, thank you Nuffnang for giving PeyTsei & I free tickets.

They gave complimentary soft drinks & popcorn each.

I actually didn’t expect much from it cos how much can a plot develop with a bunch of people in a plane? And I didn’t watch the trailer so I don’t know what to expect and who’s acting in it.

So, I went in, with an open mind…

Only to come out disappointed.

Walauweih, this movie sucks to the max. The earlier part is very Final Destination-esque. But the middle and ending is so zzzz. The movie doesn’t make any sense at all. Since expectedly storyline is limited, I thought the director would play with emotions to keep us entertained. Unfortunately, it didn’t happened so don’t bother to watch the movie.

Lai, I give you spoiler.

It begins with a girl, who has gotten her flying license secretly from her over-protective dad. So, she and a bunch of friends plan to fly to a place for a holiday. She brought 3 friends and her boyfriend along. But boyfriend has fear of flying and yet, he went on it. Halfway through, the weather became bad and to make matter worst, a screw came off. So friend #1 went out to fix the tail of the plane and when friend #2 was pulling him into the plane, suddenly an alien-like figure came and he cut the strings away. So friend #1 flew away.

To cut the story short, friend #2 and #3 died, captured by an octopus-like monster in the sky. Wtf I tell you. I was practically @[email protected] and try to layan the movie and everybody around us also a bit tulan already.

You know how come got octopus in the sky? Cos the bf has this comic and it seems that whatever they went through is reenacted from the comic zzz. So basically, to save the couple, the bf has to really think hard and imagine good stuffs so that they’ll be safe.

There was one part when they were kissing, bright clouds came out. Midway kissing, they were suddenly fighting about stuffs (very lame so I forgotten) then dark clouds came on again wtf.

Ending was, the bf imagined real hard that they are on the ground, safe and sound and walah… you suddenly see them on the ground already. Worst thing is, they didn’t show you how wtf.

Very the *tuut* punye movie. I overheard a few bloggers muttering, “wtf i’m gonna do a bad review of this movie”.
So there you go. A very wtf movie of the year. I reckon it was as bad as the movie Black Sheep. If you have watched it.

If you haven’t, DON’T!

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  1. ngtongsheng permalink

    wahaha black sheep suckzzzzz!!

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha…. i like the wtf wtf and what the **tuut**!!!!

    hahahhaa… man you were braved! hahahahhaahahaha…

  3. very the “tuuut” movie !!! LOL

  4. wow then ain’t going to watch this movie since it’s not nice..haha

  5. Okay, I got you. I will never watch that movie.

  6. yes M’am… won’t see it !

  7. All: Good good, don’t watch it lolz!

  8. Wow thanks for the advice! Unrealistic movie sucks

  9. Hahaha.. eh. how come your ending the bf imagine they all on safe place? Mine was the bf gonna die coz they went back to the past. 2 endings? but anyhow sucky movies.

    But I have been dying to watch Black Sheep. I missed that movie last time T_T

  10. Albert: Totally!

    Daniel: Haha. Mine is a fast forward version. I didn’t put too much detail into it cos the movie sucks.. not worth to go so detail. Please don’t watch Black Sheep as well. They repeated remotely unfunny joke for 3 times. Imagine that!

  11. wow … im so lucky , both movie oso nvr watch … n means im lucky to not get tat movie tickets … *tuut*tuut*

  12. Jack: Lolz. Yeah!

  13. seriously??? im now disappointed 🙁

  14. When i first looked at the trailer, I thought okay mmm could be interesting, but after reading what you’ve said, I guess i better stick to my chick flicks! =p

  15. Tay: Aww… you dont have to be disappointed if you havent watched the movie T__T

    Mel: Yes, chick flicks are the best! You again rocks! <3

  16. Really a bad movie? *sigh! was about to catch it, thought it would be a nice one. Anyways thanks for the review, gonna scrap this out out 🙂

  17. Aaaa.. i’ve planing to watch Altitude..

  18. I love your layout. Nice.

  19. I WAS THERE XD aww nvm see you next time =P

  20. awww.. i watched it!! on DVD though!! the plot really stupid. but then again they got a hot actress to take your mind off that! hahaah

  21. BZB permalink


    I watched Altitude on DVD and was alternating between watching it and reading my Stephen King novel. Not to defend the movie or anything (btw, I thought it was a totally wtf movie too) but it’s sort of a tribute to HP Lovecraft kind of thing.

    One of the things Lovecraft is famous for is the Cthulhu monster (the giant octopus thingie in the movie) and many tributes to his great scifi novels will feature this monster.

    That said, I think this movie is superbly dumb and very-very confused in wanting to be a teen horror flick cum sci fi cum psycho thriller. The characters are mind-numbingly one-dimensional and I could just *ugh* strangle the stupid annoying bf. I mean, wtf, he was twitching like a schizophrenic in the first half of the movie and then becoming emo-stalker bf in the last half. wtf wtf wtf, man?? And if you’d have such amazing imaginary powers, can’t you have brought with you a more cheerful magazine/comic so you can at least imagine better stuff than being eaten alive by a giant octopus?

    I mean, if I had the power to make what I imagine come true, there would be a million other things I’d rather be making true than a carnivorous flying monster. *facepalm*

    Only thing is, you kind of missed the point of the (stupid) ending. It was revealed that the bf was in an airplane crash that killed the gf mother. Apparently they collided with a ‘ghost plane’. At the end, as grownup bf and gf escaped the monster, they entered into some kind of time slip and went back to the first crash. TWIST ENDING: it turns out that the ghost plane that collided with the young bf plane was actually their (grownup bf & gf) plane.

    So they avoided the crash, changed history, gf mum becomes undead and makes life better again.

  22. peter permalink

    i watched this last night and it was a regret!

  23. jethro permalink

    finish watching 10 mins ago, dying to see bad reviews on this movie~!!!!
    octopus on the sky !!! damn it !!!
    wasting my time!

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