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La Sardina: Revealed

by melmonica on October 31st, 2011

A month ago, I saw a tweet on Lomography Malaysia Challenge for bloggers and I shamelessly signed up for it.

Been using a DSLR for 2 years, when I sign up for the challenge, I didn’t know what is lomo.

The only knowledge I know of lomo is all the insta.gram that I see on FB wtf.

So I was over the moon when I and a bunch of friends was selected as the Top 10 bloggers in the Lomography Malaysia Challenge *miss malaysia hand wave


Enough crapping, let the pictures do the talking 🙂

Lomography Malaysia post the package to my office. The package is HUGEEEEEEE.

And my colleagues were more excited than me -.-"

They couldn’t wait to see what’s in the package so I ripped it off.

Instantly camwhore with my fiery red La Sardina.

We were loving it and was clicking away like nobody’s business.

One of the potong stim moment is… you can’t immediately see how your picture look like.

And so…

Let me tell you what happened to my first roll.

All vanish. Poof. Hilang. Gone.

Yes, all the nice pictures (well, at least what I can imagine from the viewfinder) are all gone.

According to the person who developed my pictures (in my hometown, Sitiawan) all the pictures are either too dark or too bright.

So since it’s just black and white pictures she didn’t develop it.

Which shatters my heart.

Out of the 36 pictures… not even 1 picture can be used?

Not even 1 picture I can have memories of it?

It is obvious that she is nervous to tell me the bad news, I quickly say, ‘It’s okay’ then left the shop.

Upon reaching home, I cried. I have anticipated my pictures for a few weeks and put damn a lot of effort in it and for it to just disappear is so unfair to me.

After that incident, I kinda have a lil phobia to take pictures already.

I’m scared that I’ll be disappointed again.

Anyway, more post from this little baby coming up!

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