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La Sardina: My Hometown

by melmonica on October 31st, 2011

Hola! When I went back to my hometown, Sitiawan, I was all excited and started imagining what kind of shots I’d take but…. I was too focused on the excitement that I forgotten to bring my extra 2 film rolls provided by Lomography Malaysia -.-

Anyhoo, I bought the normal ISO400 film to use and the result is walah! <3

Lumut Jetty

Sunset at Lumut

Uncle fishing by the Jetty.

This is a favourite among my colleague. Totally love the mood and feeling in this picture.

Playing with Fritz the Blitz (Pink filter <3)

Another sunset shot with not properly adjusted film. But I like it! Being different is good. That’s what Lomo is all about 🙂

At my grandma’s house. She was drying out the cotton from all the pillows and bolsters.

Lunch with my lovely grandma.

Was experimenting with Fritz the Blitz yellow filter and it came out too strong >.<

Trying to be artsy wana capture what’s in the side mirror nia but failed T__T

Didja know that I love blue sky very much?

Paddy field along the way back to KL.

Love the blue sky against the paddy field.

Took this while I was driving on the road hence wiper can be seen wtf.

Sunset from heaven

My favourite shot of the lot.

Was driving and the sun was glaring from the right. Can’t really see the sun but it is right above the hill.

Fine lines.

As usual, I get mesmerized easily by random things.

And sadly… that is all I have to show from my 2nd roll. More amazing pics from La Sardina coming right up!

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  1. nice try… so jeles to c all nice effect from ur side..hehehe~

    • Haha thanks Shuying. This was the effort from 2nd roll. Still bummed that my 1st roll rosak >.<

  2. nice, u got so many series of photos…;-)

    • Thank you Agnes. Though I wish my first roll didn’t spoil but I’m still pretty happy with what I have 🙂

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