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La Sardina: 10 Words Project

by melmonica on October 31st, 2011

So, this is initially a 10 words project to describe me and written all over at certain parts of my body.

Because this is a challenging assignment that that… only 4 words made the cut wtf.


Can you guess what is the word written on my finger? Hahah. It is Dreamer but I guess it got blur out >.<

#2 Unpredictable

I am the world most incomprehensible girl cos I’m so unpredictable wtf.

#3 Complicated

Most girls won’t admit that they are complicated la but I am complicated to the extreme that at times I do not understand myself. I think I kinda have this split personality like my star sign #Gemini and I can be one person and another the next. Sounds scary right?

#4 Destroyed

I’ve been in this rebellious ‘personality’ for quite some time that I sometimes go overboard to the extend that I don’t recognize myself anymore. Hence, I am destroyed.

Very sayang… cos I took 1 whole day to do this project and only 4 manage to see the light wtf.

Nevertheless, I had fun with this project. Figuring out where is the most flattering place to write the words and how to pose without looking like a whale haha.

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  1. evaeva permalink

    aww, this is nice. i like it 🙂

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