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by melmonica on April 4th, 2009

Currently Listening to: Rock Me In by Britney Spears on iTunes

I’m not a BIG fan of Britney but I have to admit, I am addicted to her Circus album & this song is my fave of the lot.

Well, today I have nothing meaningful/intelligent to post about not that I have posted anything intelligent before zzz

Today, I shall blog about how not to let your bf pay for something heheh.

My boyfriend or shall I say… a lot of our bf likes to pay for our stuffs. Cos it shows that they are gentleman, makes them feel more man & maybe… in control of something i duno what am i talkin abt wtf

So, today baby & I went to the foodstalls near the football field to get something to eat. I wanted this cucur udang but baby has paid most of my food already I don’t want him to pay for me anymore huhu.

So, I figured out when the lady is almost done cutting my cucur udang & ready to give it to me, I went,”Baby, look what’s that??” (Pointing at the football field). So baby looked over the other side & I paid RM1 to the lady for my cucur udang.

Baby got frustrated cos like any other bf… they wana pay for his gf.

Am I smart or what haha XP

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