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Top 3 Men That I Fantasize wtf

by melmonica on October 7th, 2010

I was in the midst of blogging something else when I saw this video on TV.

Don’t you think the lead singer of One Republic is so yeng?

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. So Imma do what Audrey did. Hehe.  You can see her list of guys that she wana… ahem do.

And here’s mine wtf.

Nombor 1 (in no particular order)

Ryan Tedder

Duh! Already put his video clip here zzz.

I don’t know there’s something about him/his MV that makes my heart beats faster (seriously!) And I wouldn’t blink just keep staring like soh poh *swoons

I know he’s not the most lengchai or sexiest man on the planet but I really hearts rockstar. And I’m attracted to guys who sing (and that’s why I love my baby *shy)

And that MV gave me an idea!

Can I have him for my hen night and then we would ehem *censored* and then when he performs during my wedding dinner themed masquerade  (like the MV!) and we wink in mutual understanding what we did last night *jeng jeng so dramatic wan! Cool right?!

Okok. Back to the list.

#2 belongs to… (drum roll) David Beckham!

Hey, how can you not wana do with him after seeing him half naked/open like that in Giorgio Armani underwear ads!!

Look at THAT SIX PACKS!!! It’s like calling me to ‘C’mon babyyyy…’

Anytime, darling…. anytime *slurps

And number 3 is (aiya easy for you to guess de la) Iker Casillas!

The eyes! The nose! Plus he’s a Spaniard (oh mi amor)

Whisper sweet nothing into my ear, it doesn’t matter if I don’t understand a word you say. Te amo con todo mi corazon.

Love guys who play sports. It’s a plus when he’s the captain of the Spanish football team. And they won World Cup 2010 + Euro 2008 *take that you Germany/Dutch/Brazil/England fans

Before I get married, I must go to Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid stadium) to find him. Err… not that I’m a stalker but will be happy if can get his autograph on my butt jersey.

Sigh, all these dreamy guys is melting me.

Now, tell me who is your Top 3 (or whatever number) girls/guy you’d shag. Don’t shy shy la. Already told you all my secrets jor 😛

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  1. u see 6 packs or the big bag?

  2. omg !!!! luckily i got tissue beside me…david beckham makes me keep bleeding ^^

  3. hahaha, handsome and really MAN!!!

    • Bell: Wooo… didn’t expect you to have that kinda reaction lolz! Enjoy drooling over him 😉
      Karmun: Yes, they are *yums!

  4. Why i see the BigBang 1st??? Am i Not a normal guy??? haha

  5. Lols…mie would be entirely different but thats a good thing^^ we don’t have to share^^

  6. Glo: Haha what’s yours?

  7. while you like those macho man, my type is more of tha pretty asian type. like Kim Jae Joong and Lee Jun Ki they might look skinny, but they have those six packs and hell of a nice biceps too. check out my post on it in

  8. hy..jogging here today~
    haha, hope u can meet them~

    come jog to my site too~

  9. omg.. so HUNGRY seeing them~!!

  10. Hi there! Just dropping by via Nuffnang (I’m a fellow Nuffnanger too). Nice post by the way.

    If you are really, really into famous and gorgeous looking hunks, just drop by at my humble blog. Beckham, Pitt, Depp, Pattinson, Metcalfe, Jackman, Lautner, Brosnan, Kaneshiro, Cruise, Iglesias, Efron, Farrell, Dempsey, Ronaldo, Hartnett, Usher, Timberlake…

    The list is unlimited. Don’t worry, nothing 18SX, only beautiful photos of these icons. See ya!

  11. geeessszzzhhh… u girls fantasizes more about the other sex than guys do aaah?

    I like guys too…. if you know what I mean… I love Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, and all other pretty face guys….hahahaha!!!

    Walawey… ur picture of David Beckham is sooooooooooo hot!

  12. what’s the meaning of ‘yeng’?

    by the way thank’s for that advice..
    i’ll appreaciate it.. (^__^)

    i want to add your blog, and..

    hope can be my sifu too.. (^__^)

  13. OMG~ *cover my eyes quickly*
    My heart pounds, Mel!! ><"

  14. Nana: Hoho you’re the Asian type;)

    Metro: Sound so hot & steamy lolz!

    Mimie: Yes, Chase Crawford is supposed to be in my list too but he’s too pretty & I don’t want to hurt him *wink

    Faarihin: Yeng is bergaya lolz! Thanks for linking me. Cheerios~

    Bendan: Wooo… especially the Beckham pics right 😉

  15. whoa david pic too sezyyyyyyyyy kaka

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