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Smash the Bitterheart & Push It like It’s the Sweetest Thing

by melmonica on August 13th, 2009

3 weeks ago, Zing Ang reminded me to update my blog. Cos according to him, I haven’t updated it for 2 months already. Sweat.

The reason of me not writing is not cos I’m damn busy.. it’s just that I can’t think of anything interesting to write.

Just now, I was giving baby links of music videos that I grew up watching. I was exposed to the lifestyle of MTV at the very young age of 11. 12 years later, these are the video that are still in my mind.

U2- The Sweetest Thing

When baby watched this video, sadly he just went, “Huh?” I guess he doesn’t understand what Bono’s doing & the song zzz.

There’s another video which I have vivid memory of. When I was young, my heart would beat very fast whenever I watched the video. No matter how many times I have watched it, my heart would still beat as if I am watching it the first time.

That was Push It by Garbage. Although it was kinda creepy with the whole lightbulb man, naked aliens, children riding on their parents but you gotta admit, it was one heck of a video right. If not, how could I remember after all these years?

After watching that video, then I remembered there’s another video similar to Garbage one. It’s Smashing Pumpkin but couldn’t remember the name of the video till I found it on Youtube. thankgoodnessforyoutube

Baby didn’t finish watching the Smashing Pumpkin video. He asked why my childhood so dark de. Well, I wouldn’t say it is dark but I count myself lucky that I was exposed to this kind of high creativity level video. It takes a lot of thinking of script, the direction, the mood etc to make a video like this. It’s not like everyday people create this out-of-the-world kinda video.

On a lighter note, I guess some of you might have heard her on radio before. Well, I first know about her when I was reading either ADOI or Marketing magazine just couldn’t remember which one. There’s this girl name Zee Avi from Malaysia bla bla bla, she put a video of herself in youtube and people like her singing etc. Later on, she was signed to Jack Johnson’s label baby goes *WOW* but I never bother to youtube her. Until last night. I heard this amazing girl singing, she kinda sounded like Norah Jones. And when the DJ said it’s Zee Avi, I immediately youtube her. Wow, am proud that a Malaysian can sing like that & make it to US.

Okay, I wouldn’t bore you guys with my pointless words, just enjoy it:))

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