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Put your hands up if you’re going to Frames!

by melmonica on March 19th, 2011

It’s been a while since I got invited from Nuffnang on anything! I’m sorry but I gotta boast it out here. I got invited to go to Frames and have dinner with 3 celebrity bloggers – Ringo Tan, Audrey Ooi and Tey Cindy

Though I RSVP-ed before the given dateline, I was this close to being removed from the invitation list because according to Michelle, there was no RSVP from me in the system. Luckily, she called to confirm. If not, I’ll be so bummed.

Well, here’s a sneak peek 3 of the most famous bloggers in Malaysia. Guys, you can drool over them when you stand outside Frames tomorrow okay?

Ringo from

Picture stolen from her blog. Specifically on the Samsung Galaxy SL review. Yes, because I use Samsung product and I want to help spread the word on this gadget k 😀

Tey Cindy from

Picture taken from her blog.

Winner of Malaysian Dreamgirl, an online reality show.

And lastly, one of my favourite blogger, Audrey Ooi from

Picture stolen from her Facebook cos somehow don’t know why I can’t access to her blog T__T

I still remember for my FYP, I came out with a marketing communication campaign for this product that I created. And so I kononnya plan an event, pushed with some advertisement support here and there and get bloggers (I picked her & Kenny!) to talk about it  and show their asses faces in the event.

And back in those days, whatever assignment I have I always somehow insert something about social media marketing and mobile marketing. Back then, everybody laughed at me saying that it will never work in Malaysia bla bla, Malaysians are too kiamsiap to pay for 3G charges bla bla, who needs mobile when laptop is all about mobility wtf. Nah, see now who use iPhone/Blackberry/HTC/Samsung and update your Facebook status so that it purposely display the type of cellphone you’re using wtf can i even find my lecturer and see what phone is he using wtf

Anyway, whatever it is, I’m so thrilled to go with Sherry yay! She’s like my partner in crime whenever we go for blogger outings. Tomorrow will pang leng leng and Imma take lotsa good pics! 😀

Oh ya another thing. Me iz going UP! Haha wana know more, do check it out here.

Will blog soon! Pinky swear to myself that I’ll be efficient. Especially during the weekend. Have a great one, peeps!

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  1. mel is so excited!!!

  2. hello there! First time popping in your blog. I got the invitation too. Hope to get to know all of you great people there tonight!. 🙂

    * *

  3. Wow, feels like meeting them up too!! Hahahahaha.. XD

  4. wooots ! Good for you 🙂

  5. Have fun! Can’t wait for yr update on this event (:

  6. ehemmm…nice meeting u yesterday;-)))

  7. Great post, I believe I read it somewhere though… ;P

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