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Neopolitan Dreams

by melmonica on June 19th, 2011

Recently I had this dream.

Which brought me to the 6 years old me and this other lil’ 6 years old boy.

We met.

Did this secret handshake and pinky swear that we will not tell a soul of our (mis)adventures.

To the forbidden attic.

We quietly make our way up.

When we switch on the light, it feels like a whole new world is mapped out in front of us.

We started exploring every corner of the room.

Bringing out the old toys from the boxes and role play with them.

Letting our imagination run wild.

After a while, I felt like there’s an invincible song playing in my mind and both of us started twirling in sync.

Although the song wasn’t real but being with you gave me this wonderful, warm, fuzzy feeling.

We dance and laugh throughout the night.

Lay on our back, whisper sweet nothings into each other’s  ear while kicking our legs in the air.

We are high like hippies on crack wtf.

If I want to float in the air, no problem.

If I want to dance and step on an invincible music notes, no problem.

You make me feel as though every thing is possible.

When morning comes, we wake up next to each other with your eyes being so close to mine

(Ohhh how I wish I can photograph it)

Smiling to each other, nodding, acknowledging each other’s presence.

Before we bid each other adieu, you said, ‘Please take this. With it, you will always remember that what we had is real’

You placed a cupcake onto my tiny palm while I gave you a hoola hoop.

Walking away from each other, I can feel that you’re smirking like a donkey behind my back. And me, smiling like an ass.


Coincidentally, when I wrote this post, I stumble upon this music video which depicts exactly how my dream was like. Enjoy!

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  1. Sweet music eh… but the voice abit electronized. I like the catchy music.

    Sometimes I wished I had sweet dreams again.. something I don’t get nowadays. The horrors of reality.

  2. isaac, you’re always efficient! 😀
    haha. listen to soothing music before sleep helps! i have weird imagination that’s why it’s easier to have this kinda dreams 😉

  3. heyya, 1st time dropping by^^

  4. i wonder who’s that lil boy! teehee

    • Haha. My dream is too blur-ish. I am wondering who is that boy as well 😉

      PS. I hope it’s James Franco. Drools~

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