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My Singing is Suckier than Your Singing

by melmonica on October 1st, 2010

Presenting Melissa of Malaysian Idol Season 1 Loser *yay applause

Who will be competing head-to-head with…

King of Halo Muar/Batu Pahat Idol *boo

Two person who are passionate in singing.

One sings in cafe

The other sings in front of her soft toy audience.

He is a hardcore singer with self-trained vocals.


They can sing upside down too

Good for vocal training zzz

So who do you think will be crowned champion of Please Don’t Sing for God’s Sake (PDSGS) ?

Will it be I-Sing-So-Badly-You-Feel-Like-Slapping-Me

Or will it be Call-Me-William-Hung-And-I’ll-Kick-Your-Tuut

All you have to do is vote for your favourite sucky singer.

Call 1-800-MELSUCKS or vote via online at

Vote for FATU at 1-800-FATUSUCKS or vote via online at

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t vote for sweetie pie Mel

Because Fatu can sing


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  1. cute!*two thumbs up* XD

  2. Mmmmm… i wana sing! now i can hear a song coming………..


  3. You two looks so cute =))

  4. haha… do what you think you are confident with… and everything will follow just fine.

  5. ceh, i tot is u sing

  6. Wow, good luck in your singing career! xD

  7. haha.. ur post is SO cute!!! and farnee that u can laugh at ur self.. =) laughter is after all, the best medicine.

  8. RJ: Let’s go sing k!

    John: :$

    Erika: My singing career is going down the drain.

    Kookies: Hope I entertained you *heee~

  9. LOL! I WAN SINGGGGGGGG! =X jom Hokkien song!

  10. Nice try ‘Idol’

  11. Kian Fai: Wow, you sing Hokkien song? Cool!

    Thomas: Haha. Thanks 🙂

  12. Like the face expression of you guys! *thumb up*

  13. It’s more like screaming your heart out than singing…hahaha

  14. gal…u punya blog funny laaaa….seen it like it…g’d day yo

  15. Charles: You have a great day ahead too. Cheerios~

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