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How well do you know me?

by melmonica on April 30th, 2009

Currently Listening to Angel by Leona Lewis on iTunes You know the quiz “How well do you know so & so” on Facebook? Well, recently I created one for myself. And out of 20 people who took the quiz, only 5 people got 37% and it’s the highest clap clap boo boo, 5 people got 0 *WOW* & the rest got 12% & 25% zzz. And I don’t blame people for getting low marks cos da quiz is “How well do you know Melissa’s deepest darkest secret” zzz. Even my love also get 37% nia.. but luckily he is da highest lor:D & so baby tarak syok so he created a quiz himself also. His questions are easier than mine but… the answered is all the ones that he told he me likes before uwaaaaa. When I got to know that I only scored 25% terus MSN him and scolded haha.

Mostly my conversation was ‘oi this oi that’ zzz. Cos seriously.. his MSN caption put Lady Gaga & now he’s telling me that his fave singer so far is Khalil wtf Fong & I swear to god I heard him saying he wana be a marine biologist & he loves bossa nova.. go read his blog BlackSoda. Cheater cheater!! Newa, no matter what 25% or 0 % kekeke.. I’ll still love u muax muax. Can’t wait for my zhen zhu nai cha woohoo!

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